5 Everyday Beauty Hacks You Will Actually Use!


Beauty hacks are everywhere and while some of them are ingenious most verge on impractical and ridiculous. So I thought I'd share with you five beauty hacks I often use and really do rate


Use matte bronzer for the best brown eyeshadow 
Of course brown eyeshadows come in most palettes and do the job but why not try out your favourite bronzer as eyeshadow. It's pretty much the same formula and if you're a beauty lover I'm sure you will have lots of bronzers to try out! I'm currently loving the above Ciate Bamboo bronzer in Palm Island (Look Fantastic £19.80 here) on my eyes along with theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer which is a little too dark for me but perfect to contour my lids with. 

Out all day and need to freshen up? Use anti-bac gel as deodorant!
I don't know about you but I try to keep a travel size deodorant in my bag but often when I need to use it I've either changed handbags or misplaced it! However something I like to keep in all bags is anti bacterial gel for my hands but it also works just as well to freshen up with. My favourite to use is the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Sanitiser (Boots £2.50 here) as it has quite a strong fresh lime scent and really does the job of freshening up the under arms. 

Mattify any lip colour with loose translucent powder 
I've mentioned this beauty hack before but I had to include it here as it really is one of my most used hacks that really does work. To totally mattify any lipstick or cream product on the lips simply dab/pat loose translucent powder over the lips using a small flat eyeshadow brush. This gives a true matte finish and actually removes that tacky feeling that some matte lip products can have, plus it gives your lipstick a much longer wear time.

Spray hairspray onto hair grips for extra hold 
Ever tried to use hair grips on freshly washed hair? It's impossible right! Yes, you can use the trick of crossing over two hair grips for a better hold but I still find them slowly slipping throughout the day. However a quick spray of hairspray directly onto the hair grip and then a second for it to go tacky is all that's needed for your hair grips to stay in place all day long. Super easy yet effective!  

Dot Vaseline over pressure points before spraying perfume for a long lasting scent
Lastly a bit of an old school one here that I always go back to in summer. To keep fragrance on the skin for longer I simply dot a small amount of Vaseline over pressure points (behind ears, inside of arm, even behind knees) and then spray over them areas with a fragrance. I've certainly noticed that the scent does stay for longer doing this little hack. 

Let me know if you try any of these out or if you have any beauty hacks that you use often and think I should try out! 

Fee xo.

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