eBay Bargains #34 - Must-Buy Items!


Just when I was thinking I was running out of content for my eBay Bargain posts I came across so many amazing items. So I thought I'd throw them all together in this post and label them 'must-buys' because I literally need to buy everything here!

Macaroon Inspired Key chain (£6.44 here - choice of colours) 
This is certainly one of my favourite finds this month! Inspired by the luxury Laduree Macaroon key chain (around £32+) this is a snip of the price and from what I can see very similar indeed. I will be snapping up the baby pink version as I've wanted a keyring like this forever!

Soul Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub (£5.42 here)
As you may know coffee body scrubs are having a bit of a moment right now but to just try out the trend you may not want to spend £15+ on a single sachet. So here if my bargain find that's apparently pretty popular in Australia. I love the sound of coffee with coconut so I may have to try this out for myself.

Nars Inspired Flat Kabuki Brush (£1.49 here)
My last Nars inspired brush I purchased from eBay is now one of my favourite blusher brushes (you can read my review of it here) so it made sense to track another inspired brush. This is inspired by the Nars Ita brush that's a whopping £43 so I'm excited to give this budget version a go!

Shills Blackhead Peel-off Mask (£2.59 here)
For the past few months a certain peel-off nose mask has been doing the rounds on Facebook and YouTube and I've watched too many videos now of girls blackheads being removed - I don't know why I even watch them! So I think it's about time I try it for myself. I personally don't like the harsh peel-off blackhead strips as they can damage the skin so this looks like a great alternative.

MeNow Matte Liquid Lipsticks (£1.99 each here - Buy One Get One Free!)
Another favourite find already this month are these amazing matte liquid lipsticks that seem to be very popular on both Instagram and YouTube right now. At £1.99 and currently buy one get one free they are incredibly great value for money and with 37 shades available you are spoilt for choice! I of course couldn't resist these due to the price and the amazing swatches I looked up on Google and went for shade 18 Subtle Brown and shade 25 Hot Pink. Excited to see how good these actually are! 

So many bargains this week! 

Let me know what you love the look of here! 

Fee xo.

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