First eBay Haul of 2016


As most of you will know, I love eBay! So of course 14 days into the new year I've already made a few purchases... and I thought I'd show you! 

Now it's only a teeny tiny haul of 5 items but I love them all and I got quite a few bargains! I don't think I shared a single eBay haul in 2015 so this may just be a new monthly feature... 


MAC Oval 6 Brush Dupe (£1.10 eBay here
First up I couldn't not pick up this dupe for the pricey MAC Oval 6 brush that I spotted just before Christmas. This rounded, densely packed synthetic fibre brush is ideal for applying foundation, powder, contour and blush with and comparing the two brushes, this dupe is oh so similar but with a saving of £35?! I've only tried using the brush to apply foundation so far, but it worked a dream and the bristles are so soft and packed in. This is just a fab brush for the price and another unique one to try out and add to my brush collection! Full review to come.

Village Candle Votives (£2.79 each here & here
Towards the end of 2015 I moved away from jar candles and started buying votive candles as they are just big enough to try out a scent before wanting to burn something new! If you love Yankee Candles then Village Candle are the other candle brand to try as all their scents smell incredible and very true to life. I've still in love with Brownie Delight (no.1 favourite candle!) but thought I'd try out some new yummy scents. As you can see I picked up the incredible yummy sounding Maple Butter and Lemon Pound Cake which I'm burning right now, as I type and can report it's actually amazing... slightly warm and cakey with a hit of lemon. I will certainly be trying out a lot more of the Village Candle scents this year.


Calm - Calm the Mind. Change the World Book (£7.96 eBay here
One of my New Year's Resolutions was to be more aware of my own mental health and just to be kind to myself. So I decided to pick up this book that I've wanted for a while now. In the past I would have purchased this on Amazon but with free p&p only being on orders over £10 I thought I'd find it on eBay instead. So far I've flicked through and read only a few pages but already know this will be a book to dip in and out of and really cherish as it's been so thoughtfully made and ever page is just so different to the next and creative. I plan to keep this by my bed to read at night or whenever I'm feeling anxious or even stressed. 

4m Wire Fairy Lights (£3.95 eBay here
Finally I decided to find some budget friendly wire fairy lights that I've seen on so many websites recently! These were described as copper wire lights but as you can see they are a subtle copper shade verging on silver, but for the price I totally don't mind! The wire of these is an amazing 4 metres long with 40 tiny golden lights which are just lovely and can be bent around anything you like. I'm so so pleased with these that I will be buying some more very soon!

Hope you've enjoyed this haul! Let me know if you would like to see more eBay hauls in the future. 

Fee xo. 
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