eBay Bargains #32 - Get Organised!

Cute To Do List Post-It Note Stickers (99p here
If you like to stay organised then you're probably a fan of Post-It Notes. Of course the standard post-its do just fine but why not have cute ones instead?! These are ultra cute and only 99p - bargain alert!

Blue & Gold Chevron Weekly A5 Diary 2016 (£8.99 here)
Have you purchased a 2016 diary yet? I know I haven't but still feel there's time left to pick one up and get using it! I love anything with a chevron pattern to it so I had to select this one to include in my eBay Bargains post. For more lovely 2016 diaries just search 'letts diary' and you will be spoilt for choice!

LED Dimmable Desk Lamp (£28.00 here)
Okay, so this isn't an item to keep you organised but one that's handy none the less. This could possibly be one of the best lamps for your desk as is comes with 3 light levels from super bright to a warm dim reading light, folds to the perfect height and angle and could even be used as a makeup light or blog photography lighting as it emits a white light. I'm very tempted with this one!

2016 Desktop Calendar (£2.68 here)
If you have a desk then a flip desk calendar is a must, especially when they are this cute. This reminds me very much of a calendar you would expect to find on Etsy as it has a lovely homemade watercolour illustration vibe to it.

Antique White Wooden Chalk Message Board (£5.99 here)
How lovely is this antique effect chalk board with 3 little hooks? This is just perfect for a hallway for must-remember messages or even in the kitchen to hang aprons and tea towels from and write shopping list items on. However I'm tempted to snap this up at £5.99 for my desk area and use the hooks to hang jewellery from! 

Daily Check List Pad (£2.95 here)
Lastly such a handy compact way to keep organised. This is a mini pad to write your to-do lists on and tick off as you complete them. Super handy for blogging and studying. 

Hope you enjoyed my first eBay Bargains of 2016! Any future eBay Bargain subject suggestions are very much welcome!

Fee xo.

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