Putting Sure Compressed to the Test


I don't know about you but I carry an antiperspirant with me where ever I go - dog walks, shopping, you name it. So I was pretty pleased when Sure developed Compressed, an antiperspirant in a smaller, smarter can that releases less air, but the same amount of protection with each spray. 

With Compressed antiperspirant the smaller can is a mere 125ml compared to the standard 250ml, making it perfect to carry in all handbag sizes and more environmentally friendly with a smaller carbon footprint - always a good thing! The people over at Sure challenged me to give the Compressed can a go over the weekend to see how it faired and if I was able to manage to travel light with it.


Being a bit of a nature lover I took myself and my pooch on an autumnal dog walk, coffee in hand and much smaller handbag over my shoulder (which you can find here on ASOS!) containing a few essentials. Sure Compressed fit comfortably in there along with my trusty YSL Touche Eclat, favourite S&G nude lipstick and B&BW maple syrup hand sanitiser. After a long walk in pretty dull but sticky feeling weather (blah, to that grey sky you can see in my photos) I had a quick refresh with the Compressed can that left me fresh and dry and I have to say I noticed less air coming out of the product... coughing on a billowing cloud of antiperspirant is no more with a Compressed can I've discovered! 

As for how Sure Compressed faired day-to-day I can only report good things and found it much like Sure deodorants I've used in the past but only much more compact. However the 'motionsense' technology that releases a burst of freshness on movement I did find to keep me feeling as fresh as when I first applied it in the morning, all day long. 

Whether you're like me and like to carry an antiperspirant with you where ever you go, or keep it in the bathroom cabinet, making the switch to the more compact and environmentally friendly Compressed can just makes sense, especially as it's the same price and lasts just as long as the big can.

All Sure Compressed antiperspirant variants are available at all leading retailers nationwide (125ml retails at RRP £3.29).

Have you converted to Sure Compressed yet? 

Fee xo. 

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sure* 

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