eBay Bargains #30 - Feelin' Festive!


(Christmas) The snow's coming down (Christmas) I'm watching it fall (Christmas)! Okay, so I'm maybe not time for impromptu Christmas singing but I'm certainly feeling festive! So I thought I'd share a bit of my festive joy today with some lovely holiday themed eBay bargains which I may have bought most of already! 

Hanging Paper Snowflakes x 3 (£2.10 - eBay here)
Whether you make your own or buy them, paper snowflakes make for lovely Christmas decorations. I've ditched making my own for buying them over the past few years and totally recommend it. These three paper snowflakes are all the same size and would look amazing hung at different lengths in front of a window or by the Christmas tree.

Set of 6 Decorative Rubber Stamps (£1.58 - eBay here)
White Pigment Ink Pad (£1.85 - eBay here
Getting creative with gift wrapping can be much cheaper than you'd ever imagined. With these 6 beautiful stamps and a white ink pad you can be making your own wrapping paper from brown parcel paper in seconds or stamping away on brown luggage tags to attach to gifts. Already snapped these up to get creative with my own present wrapping this year. 

Pre-Lit Wooden Christmas House (£12.99 - eBay here
 Isn't this just the cutest?! I want to create a whole village of these and display them on my living room windowsill - I've do already own two! Whatever your decor or festive theme this wonderful pre-lit house will fit in. Also as I own a few of these wooden houses I can state that they are good quality and very much worth the money. You can find the white version here for £14.99. You can also find an even cheaper white pre-lit church for only £8.49 here!

Merry Christmas Robin Handle Mug (£7.45 - eBay here)
From time to time I like to go a bit tacky and this mug is just that! The robin handle is just amazing - totally love it! Another item I've picked up!

Winter Alpine Double Duvet Set (£16.00 - eBay here)
Festive bedding for me is the ultimate treat, seriously waking up in wintery red Christmas bedding puts you in a cheerful mood. It also transforms your bedroom into an instant winter wonderland. I love this bedding set however I do know Asda also have some great sets for around £12.00. 

Mercury Glass Bauble Fairy Light - Battery operated (£8.99 - eBay here
 Lastly I had to include these wonderful glass fairy lights that I recently bought and absolutely love. These are just amazing value for money considering that they are actual glass and really well made. They also look amazing when lit up and really can be used all year round if you wish; mine are already glowing in my living room. Also available in the listing in gold and red.

Hope you discovered some Christmas decorations here and I've put you in a festive mood! 

Fee xo.

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