4 Sheer Foundations for Combination Skin


When you have a varying combination skin type like myself it can be tricky to find the right foundations especially on the high street. However over time I have found a handful of foundations that cater for often dehydrated but oily skins that can sometimes have patches of dryness, and I've found them in my favourite formula - lightweight and sheer (but buildable). 

If you do have really oily skin then a transparent loose setting powder will be needed and for that I totally recommend Gosh Prime 'n Set Powder... it really is the best I've come across and can even be applied before foundation for that extra barrier against oily pores. 


Gosh Foundation Drops 
£12.99/30ml - Superdrug here or in-store 
If you are looking for an ultra sheer and lightweight foundation that blends effortlessly into the skin then this is the one to opt for. It's also the one to go for if you are like me with a strange mix of oily but dehydrated skin with the odd dry patch as this is lightweight but has some slip to it that helps the skin feel hydrated without feeling greasy or just sitting on the skin. I love to apply this with a buffing brush for a flawless coverage and though it is very sheer it is buildable to a medium coverage especially when worked into the skin with a brush. This really is a unique foundation for the high street and great it you want a very light liquid formula.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream 
£8.00/40ml - The Body Shop here or in-store 
On oily hormonal skin days this is the product I pick up. Yes, it's tempting to select a heavier coverage foundation but for me I like to let my skin breath and not look heavy, plus a good coverage concealer can sort out problem areas of the skin. I find this BB Cream to be wonderfully creamy to apply but sets to a good semi-matt finish that feels light weight on the skin. It also contains tea tree making it a good choice for bad skin days as at least you know it's not making tyour skin problem worse. I also personally love how the lightest shade - 01 is actually light and perfect for fair complexions. 

L'Oreal  Mattifying Infallible Foundation 
£8.99/35ml - Feel Unique here or Boots in-store
Out of the five foundations here this may possibly be my favourite as it's everything I want from a base product - a soft matte finish, lightweight and neutral undertones that suit my skin well. I also love how this foundation applies and effortlessly blends into the skin looking so natural and flawless with a sheer to medium coverage depending on if you build it or not. Plus this also lives up to it's all-day mattifying claims if you have combination skin and doesn't slide off the face or lets the oil come through. Just a perfect foundation!

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream 
 £9.99/30ml - Boots here or in-store
Lastly, I couldn't not include my trusty Bourjois CC Cream that was my true love before I found the above L'Oreal Mattifying Foundation. In many ways these two foundations are very similar, though with the Bourjois one it is more on the yellow toned side and looks a little more luminous on the skin making it great for them lack lustre skin days. The only down side I'd say with this foundation, that I can personally overlook but know will be an issue for some, is that it's scented and quite heavily too, with a powdered rose scent. Not entirely sure why but it's worth noting. 

If you also have a combination skin type I'd love to know your favourite foundation(s)! 

Fee xo.

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