How To Gain Followers On Bloglovin'

Last week I hit a personal milestone on Bloglovin'  - 80,000 followers!! This is a pretty mind blowing number for me, as not only is that a hell of a lot of people, but up until a few years ago I had under 10,000 followers (still a lot, but ya know what I mean!). 

So today I thought I'd share with you a few of the ways you can grow your own readership through Bloglovin', from what I feel has worked for me!

Add a widget to your blog and connect your social media accounts 
 Adding a Bloglovin' widget to the sidebar of your blog is a must! I'd recommend placing the widget fairly high up in the sidebar just under your profile image or with your social media icons - you can find all the downloadable widgets here. This will 100% prompt readers to follow you. Next you want to connect your Bloglovin' account to any social media accounts you are active on. This I think is an overlooked option on Bloglovin' but one that's so handy as it will publish all new posts to your social media accounts for you. To do this, visit your 'Blog analytics' on Bloglovin' and you will find to the bottom of the page 'Connect to Facebook' 'Connect to Twitter'.

Make your first image of each blog post stand out! 
 Bold, eye-catching images on Bloglovin' work . Good photos will catch people's eye and they will be much more likely to click through to the blog post and also follow you. Of course you want all your blog images to be of good quality but it's the first image to the post that will appear as the preview image on Bloglovin', so make sure it's the best it can be! As for how Bloglovin' layout images, landscape photos appear the smallest and then portrait. But if you want a blog post to really stand out opt for a longer portrait image - my standard images are 600px by 700px so I'd go for 600px by 900px (a good example of this is the 'New Look' image above).

PS. I've seen bloggers place a sponsored bar image (to state the blog post is sponsored) at the top of blog posts, this of course is then used on Bloglovin' as their preview image, so it appears as slim image that has the words 'Sponsored Content' to it. This is a big no-no and won't encourage anyone to click on the post from Bloglovin' (not because it's sponsored but because there's no main image!). So make sure to place any images like this after your main blog image.

Promote blog posts on social media with the Bloglovin' link 
Have you ever noticed the 'Share' button under each blog post preview on Bloglovin'? It's easy to miss. In fact I only starting using it last year and now I use it daily to share my own blog posts on Twitter and to 'pin' blog posts to my revelant Pinterest boards. You can even be nice and share other blogger's blog posts that you've enjoyed reading!

Look at what type of blog posts in your niche get the most 'likes' 
 This is such a simple tip but one that can really help grow your popularity on Bloglovin'. Simply click 'explore' and browse though hundreds of blog posts, seeking inspiration for the most liked posts. Working out what types of posts are popular in your blogging niche can really help. But also looking at how blog posts are titled and photographed can make your own photography and writing styles flourish! 

Hope these simple tips can help you on your way to Bloglovin' success! 

Fee xo.

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