Beauty Gadgets & Gimmicks Put to the Test #3


Today I have quite the selection of unique and wonderful products for you! 

If you aren't familiar with these posts, it's basically where I put 5 unusual beauty products to the test and tell you if they are gimmicks or not - with some destined for the bin and some going straight into my beauty stash. Here are five more products I've been putting to the test this month! 


The Body Shop Spa of the World Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay 
£16.00/200ml - The Body Shop here 
As soon as this product launched I knew I had to try it out - 1. Because I love clay based face masks 2. There's nothing else like it on the high street or even high end. I instantly loved all of the 'Spa of the World' packaging and though £16.00 is a little steep I feel the products and packaging are in line with the pricing and look quite luxury. The idea of this body clay is to bring a spa-like experience into the home, which I can kind of see as it's a novelty to smear yourself in clay but it would have been nice to see a warming element to it... I personally can't see myself standing naked in the bathroom for 10 minutes as this dries, come Winter! As well as this feeling like a spa treatment the charcoal body clay aims to draw out impurities in the skin (possibly good for anyone that suffers from blocked pores or blemishes) and to soften the skin. I personally enjoyed applying what I guess is essentially a body mask, though it was messy, and feeling it slightly tighten as it dried. As for results my skin initially felt super soft and I was sure my 'chicken skin' arms benefited from it as the bumps were less visible!
Is it a gimmick? Though it's not something I would use weekly it's definitely not a gimmick and has definitely had some thought but into it. If you are serious about your pampering time then this is a product to try out!

Miss Sporty Peel Off Base Coat 
£2.29 - Boots in-store 
With a passion for glitter nail polish and the festive season coming up I thought now was the time to hunt down a good peel-off base coat. Because lets face it, removing glitter nail polish is a pleasurable and sticking needles in your eyes (what a lovely thought!). Of course I could have made my own with PVA Glue but for the purpose of this post I thought I'd track down a budget high street offering. With my bargain Miss Sporty Base Coat in hand I applied it to my nails and when it finally dried I applied the most glittery nail polish I owned - it's by Deborah Lippmann and I normally chip it off as it's so stubborn to remove! Then the next day I tried to peel it off, "tried" being the operative word here. Okay, it did peel off but in 2mm pieces and left my nails look dry and almost like I'd peel off parts - eep! Maybe I didn't apply enough, or maybe I applied too much, but from looking at the reviews on the Boots website I'm not the only one that it's happened to.
Is it a gimmick? I think the question here should be - Are peel-off base coats a gimmick? And I really don't know, though I'm leaning towards yes after trying out the Miss Sporty one. I really do need to try out a few more and the DIY PVA-Glue version. But I know that if a base coat really did make nail polish peel right off it would be such a hit and so far there just hasn't been one!

Deep Kineticell Crackle Mousse  
£19.95 - Amazon here 
 There's nothing more gimmick-y than a product that suggests it can reduce the appearance of cellulite, right? Okay, that may be a little harsh but we all know deep down that cellulite can be hard to budge even with a clean diet and exercise, so what's a topical product going to do! But as I'm still in denial that I can love pizza and have the cellulite-free loins of Cara Delevingne, I thought this interesting mousse was worth giving a go - plus it's crackles! I will spare you the technology here but will say it's a combination of 12 active ingredients and with very interesting crackle feel and sounding mousse I did feel like there had been some thought and technology behind it! Aside for the crackle the mousse creates this also produces quite a cold feeling that's quite fresh and awakening to the skin. As for how my skin looked after applying the mousse I was actually happy with the results - my skin definitely looked firmer and less sluggish if that makes sense! Kind of like if I had dry brushed by skin, minus the redness.
Is it a gimmick? Even though I've really enjoyed using this product and it does initially give the skin a firmer appearance, this really isn't a product that will give long lasting results. Good for special occasions where you want to look and feel your best though! Side note - If the brand came out with a firming facial version of this I would be tempted to purchase it! 


JML Mineral Magic Powder 
£9.99 - Amazon here 
 After seeing hundreds of positive reviews of this mineral powder on Amazon I was intrigued to try it out as I know how lightweight mineral makeup can feel on the skin. Plus with a pretty speckling of pastel pigments that apparently result in a flawless complexion I was sold. When this arrived it instantly looked too dark for me, though some reviews stated it adapted to their skin whilst other said it was too pale! After dusting my skin with the mineral powder with the provided brush I liked how it evened out my skin but needed more coverage so I went for a second layer... this is were I went wrong and also orange. The powder though it didn't look cakey looked dry on my skin, settling in fine lines around my eyes and looking just too dark and verging on orange for my pale skin. I also found it didn't cover any blemishes which I was surprised about from all the glowing reviews! Did I get a duff product? I really don't know. This really wasn't for me and I can't understand how some Amazon reviewers found the powder too light (they also stated they had pale skin).
Is it a gimmick? I've been happy with a few JML products now but this was sadly a total fail for me and I really can't understand why it has so many amazing reviews on Amazon!

Wet Brush Detangling Brush - Ombre
£11.99 - Boots here or Ombre at Look Fantastic here 
Over the past few years I've come to love detangling brushes, as with over processed ombre ends that tangle when wet, I require a brush to gently work through the hair instead of tugging and pulling it out. So a detangling brush is a winner for me! Compared to the cult Tangle Teezer this brush has the advantage of being an actual brush with a handle, making it much easier to hold and use - I didn't have a problem using the Tangle Teezer but The Wet Brush is comfier and easier to use. The Wet Brush also has the benefit of longer flexible bristles that bend with the hair and work on even the thickest of locks. So does this do the job? Yes! I think I may actually love it over my Tangle Teezer and that really is saying a lot. This is a life saver of a brush if you have tangly hair! 
Is it a gimmick? I think it's pretty obvious that I love this brush! Perfect for over-processed tangly hair, children, anyone that is hair sore and if you're a keen swimmer. 
Hope you've enjoyed this post!
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Fee xo.

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