My Top 5 Vloggers To Watch


Today I thought I'd write more of a lifestyle type of post on vloggers I love to watch. I love watching vlogs and getting a glimpse into people's lives and it's definitely part of my daily routine; I love getting into bed and catching up on a few videos before sleep. 

So instead of just naming the popular Youtubers I watch I thought I'd share with you a few vloggers that maybe aren't as popular so that you can hopefully discover something new! 


 Okay, so the Michalak's are popular, very popular! However I had to include them as they are my favourite Sunday watch. With one weekly vlog going up on a Sunday, detailing their week it's more like a series than a vlog, especially with the amazing editing and music to go along side it. Hannah and Stef are truly such a creative couple and their little family is a joy to watch. 

Another couple-y kind of vlog here but a bi-weekly one with the stunning Ghee (obsessed with her frequent hair changes!) and her husband. Another one that is well edited and a joy to watch as they are so happy and carefree. I also love their little dogs Millie & Milo - very cute! 

I came across Monami Frost last month is a Marie Claire article and instantly looked her up on Youtube. Originally from Latvia she now lives in Liverpool with her tattoo artist husband and little girl. Not only do they come across as super positive people there is just so much love and fun. A bit obsessed with their vlogs right now! 


I first followed the lovely Simone through her beauty blog many years ago. She's since started a Youtube channel and vlogs about her life in Dubai as an expat (she's Irish). Simone documents family life, weekends, eating out and you can even get your 'Lollipop26' fix as Laura often pops up in her vlogs. With an interesting location and Simone's love of makeup I love to keep up with her vlogs! 


 Sooo, Lauren is another popular Youtuber and one most of you are probably aware of for her makeup videos but I thought I'd still include her as I love when she includes a random vlog of her life in Australia with her oh so attractive boyfriend! Though absolutely stunning, Lauren is very down to earth and is enjoyable to watch. I'd also highly recommend her beauty videos if you haven't watched any. 

So there you have it, my favourite vloggers that are my main source of procrastination when I should be doing work! 

If you have any favourite not so popular vloggers I'd love for you to include their link in the comments for me to check out. 

Fee xo.  
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