Beauty Hacks - 5 Unique Uses of Beauty Products


Beauty Hacks are forever floating around the internet, mainly on Pinterest, and I'm forever reading them. I've picked up so many great tips and tricks over the years that I thought I'd share a few of my own for once. 

I'm sure a few of these you will already know but I've tried my best to be as original as possible. I hope you find some new uses for a few beauty products you already own! 


This is by far my favourite beauty hack, EVER! This little trick is so simple yet effective and means you can transform your favourite lip colours into something totally matte. I personally love to do this with nude shades as it looks great but I can't wait to mattify some rich berry shades come Autumn/Winter. 

Once you have applied any glossy or satin lipstick, simply take a translucent powder and an eyeshadow brush and dab the powder over the entire lip. I like to do this twice to really get that matte look and to ensure the lip colour will stay for most of the day. You can also do this over matte lip creams to make them even more matte. This really does transform so many lipsticks! 


Ever had one of those horrible under skin spots that creates a huge red lump? I know I have and it sucks! Of course concealing what looks like a mole hill is tricky but to dramatically reduce the redness before applying foundation and/or concealer, eye drops come in very handy. What you are looking for are eye drops that are aimed at reducing blood shot eyes or brightening the eyes. Just a small amount of the drops over the spot will reduce the angry look to it and do it no harm at all as eye drops are sterile. 

I've used this trick so many times before applying my makeup! 


So this is an oldie but a goodie and one hack that I've used for many years now, especially for my under arm area. Of course soap works fine enough to shave with and there's always shaving cream (I personally find it goes everywhere) but conditioner is almost the in between of the two. It's doesn't lather up but I've found there's no need for that, you simply want the razor to glide over the skin and conditioner is perfect for that. 

I've found any conditioner does the job and once you are done I find my skin is actually softer than when I use soap. A great hack for in the shower and on holiday when you want to keep toiletries to a minimum. 


Okay,,,, so this is a slightly strange one! But it's more for them emergency times when you are out and you're feeling sweaty and you don't have a mini deodorant in your handbag. It's happened to the best of use. 

Literally any Anti-Bacterial Gel for the hands will work as the aim of the gel is to kill bacteria and sweat and ergh, the smell of sweat is bacteria! So a small amount of this under the arms will totally freshen you up for quite a few hours and have you smelling of roses... or umm whatever the scent of the gel is! 


Last but not least a great simple hack for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin. Using any facial oil or moisturiser you have you can turn it into a face mask by simply not rubbing it in and leaving it on the skin for 10 minutes and then washing it off. This allows the product to penetrate and soften the skin and can be done with so many creams and oils! 

I'd love to know any beauty hacks that you do! 

Fee xo.  
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