My Best Blogging Advice For You


2015 has definitely been the year of blogging advice and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Yes, I've wrote numerous blogging advice posts and ironically this is yet another, because I enjoy writing them and you all seem to enjoy reading them by my previous comments.

However I feel so many in-depth posts on how to perfect and grow your own blog has weighed down the beauty/fashion blogging world/community and has turned it in to something that is much more competitive and not as fun. 

So even though this is but another blogging advice post I wanted to share with you my own advice that I feel will most importantly keep you enjoying blogging and you may just find your blog grows naturally as a by-product of you enjoying it! 

Make your blog your own and never compare it 
Years ago I came across the quote "Comparison is the theft of joy" and to this day it's stuck with me, especially when admiring blogs and their success. When seeing blog posts of others daily on social media platforms it more than easy to turn admiration into comparison and jealously. However you can support other bloggers work without judging your own! The key to this is admiring skills of others whilst valuing your own. For example I admire amazing writing skills and unique blogs that really stand out, but I also value my own photograph skills and really make that the focus on my blog. Remember, comparison won't make your own blog any better and it may take the joy out of blogging for you! 

Focus on quality content over quantity 
Gone are the days that it seems acceptable to update your blog once or twice a week and now to stay on top, blogging 5-7 times a week is the norm! I don't know about you but I find that a hell of a lot! At one point I tried to keep up and did so for a few months but I found more and more I was writing filler posts just to meet my 6 posts a week goal. Not good! I realised this wasn't good for myself or my readers and have since dropped down to 4 posts a week (sometimes three if 'life' happens!). This has meant I can spend more time writing each post and making them more photo heavy. I've also found no filler blog posts have made there way into my blog for some time now - woop! Your readers will appreciate thought through quality content and so will Google!

Don't get wrapped up in stats 
With stats at your fingertips it can be easy to click on them weekly, if not daily! I know I've been there and it only led me to feeling I wasn't doing well enough. Growing your stats takes time, years in fact, and really it is now done through being active on social media and being friendly which is a natural thing that you can't over forced. Of course looking at your stats can be helpful, especially to find out what posts had been read the most and what has been searched for to find your blog to help with future blog post ideas. But getting wrapped up in pageviews won't make your blog grow any faster!

I have a million other bits of advice floating around my head but the above ones I feel really make a positive difference. 

Blogging it supposed to be enjoyable so ditch the rules and do what the hell you want!

Fee xo. 

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