ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand Review


Today I wanted to talk about my new favourite hair tool that creates perfect curls on medium to long hair! With a love of bouncy soft curls I own many a curling wand (5 in fact, oops) but this recent addition to my slightly unneeded collection really is perfection. 

The ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand (find this along with the full curling tool range here) is unlike other wands as it's a unique oval shape with it's own trademark tri-zone technology that allows heats to be evenly distributed to create even, long lasting curls. For me long lasting curls are certainly what I'm after along with shine and bounce. Below is why I love this curling tool so very much, plus how I like to use it with a few of my favourite hair styling products. 


A few features I've been really enjoying

 A very quick heat up time - I'm talking literally seconds here... I feel I should have counted but trust me it's seconds! This of course saves times waiting for the appliance to heat up (it heats to 185oC FYI) and you get a nice little tune when you turn the wave wand on and once it's heated up. The power button also illuminates whilst it's on which is a nice touch and handy for remembering to turn it off... though they do automatically turn off after 30 minutes if not used as a safety measure! 

 Ultra smooth barrel - Ahhh the barrel of the curling tool is just so streamline and with zero areas where the hair can be snagged on. This makes wrapping the hair around the wand and holding at the cool tip so easy and with the least damage to the hair. I also love the built-in stand at the base of the barrel that is pretty unnoticeable but means the heated part never makes contact with the surface it's placed down on or can roll/move around. 

How simple and quick it is - I feel with all the features and the design of the wave wand it really has been made for ease. It's as simple as sectioning off your hair and spending 5-8 seconds on each section simply wrapping the hair around the barrel and then moving on to the next section. This takes me around 10 minutes in total and in fact I've been finding it easier than straightening my hair.

I also received the wave wand with carry case that has an attached heat proof mat that can detach from the case (you can see how the mat rolls out below). For me this really is a nice extra and one of really great quality. I've actually been using the heat mat for my hair straighteners as well. Compared to other mats I've tried this doesn't attract stray hairs and is super compact as the mat magnetically wraps around the case. You can find the carry case with heat proof mat here for £19.95.


How I like to use the Curve Classic Wave Wand 

As you can see above from my hair picture the Wave Wand creates both large bouncy waves as well as more tightly formed curls. This is simply achieved by the size of the section of hair you wrap around the barrel. I personally love to create mainly large bouncy soft waves so I take large sections, wrapping them around the wand for around 8 seconds at the most. This literally takes me 5 minutes to do and then to the front I like to take smaller sections, wrapping them around the wand for 5 seconds to create a little more definition. I find my curls last all day without dropping out or turning to frizz!

For products that I use on my hair whilst using the wand I like to keep it minimal for that effortless bouncy look. First I like to use ghd Style Heat Protect Spray (£9.95 ghd here) all over my hair, this can be used on both wet and dry hair which is great and simply protects the hair from the heat of the hair tool. It also smells pretty nice! 

Then once I've finished curling my hair I like to spritz in a little of the OGX Kukui Oil (£7.35 - Boots here) over the length of my hair which is an interesting anti-frizz hydrating oil. This I find adds a wonderful extra shine whilst also ensuring the curls don't become frizzy throughout the day. I love all OGX hair products actually. 

Lastly after I've run my fingers through my hair to loosen all the curls I like to add a little of The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Miracle Solid Oil For Body & Hair (£8.00 - The Body Shop here), this not only smells incredible (I love the smell of argan oil) but it's also a god send for the dry tips of my hair to smooth split ends and to hydrate. I also find this doesn't weigh the hair down at all. 

All in all the ghd Curve Classic Wave Wand is my best curling wand to date! It's easy and quick to use and the results are long lasting and just perfect! 

Currently over the entire curling tool range on the ghd website there's a great saving of £20 plus free delivery! 

Fee xo. 

*This post was kindly sponsored by ghd  

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