Sleeping Beauty - 5 Products That Get To Work As You Sleep


When life is a little busy I like to pamper myself before bed and keep whatever treatment I've applied on over night. It just makes sense. But this recently got me thinking of all the different products I do this with. So today I thought I'd share with you 5 products that get to work over night and give results come the morning. 

From skincare, hair care and even eye care, especially for anyone suffering from hay fever at the moment, these are all products I rate!


Lucy Bee Raw Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 
£6.50 for 300ml - Amazon here
First up possibly my favourite overnight beauty treatment - an intensive hair mask! Before bed I like to heat up a few dollops of coconut oil (for literally 10 seconds so it doesn't fully melt and becomes a liquid) in a ramekin dish, I then apply it all over the mid length section of my hair to then ends, really working it in. Then up in a bun it goes and just to be safe I change my pillowcase to something I don't mind getting oil on, though the coconut oil does wash out. Come the morning I let my hair down and comb it though before having a shower to wash it all out. This really does transform my hair, leaving it silky soft, more manageable and definitely less damaged. Of course different oils can be used but I personally love coconut oil as it has so many other uses and smells amazing! 

Sure Maximum Protection Stress Control
£4.90 - Tesco here or the usual Boots, Superdrug etc
Onto a bit of a boring one now, with deodorant. But as I'm fussy when it comes to them - I hate choking myself on the fumes of an aerosol deorandant but also hate the residue feel of cream deodorants. So this is a perfect one as come the morning it feels like you aren't wearing anything... you can even shower and the effects of it are still there! You simply apply the deorandant at night and in the morning you are ready to go! This and the Dove Maximum Protection deodorant are pretty much the same and work amazingly well at keeping you sweat-free all day even though you've applied it the night before. TMI - Also good for hot summer nights so you don't sweat in bed! 

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask 
ASOS - HALF PRICE £5 here 
Face masks are my thing (so are lip balms and body scrubs FYI) and I actually apply them  2-3 times a week to relax and pamper my skin. So when I spotted that this facemask could be used as an intensive treatment overnight I had to try it! Yes, it feels kinda' weird applying a face mask for bed and not washing it off but once comfortable the thin layer of the mask actually feels quite nice... possibly not for someone that sleeps on their side, mind. Come the morning the mask has pretty much soaked into the skin leaving a slightly film that is washed off with warm water. This does actually firm up the skin really nicely especially on my cheeks and forehead though I think someone with more mature skin would see more benefits out of it. A good one for when you have an event to go to the next day. Avene also do a great overnight face mask for dry/dehydrated skin. 

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum
£3.49 - Boots here
Next up something that's designed to be used at night! A tooth gel! This would have been perfect for my Beauty Gimmicks post as it's such a different concept for an oral care product. The idea of this is to apply a pea sized amount to your teeth and gums once you have brushed your teeth at night. Then you simply go to sleep, trying not to drink any water for at least 30 minutes. Then come the morning you brush your teeth as normal. The gel is supposed to protect and whiten the teeth and is an easy whitening treatment to use, though I'm sure it helps protect my teeth I haven't noticed any more whitening of my teeth and I've been using it for 2 weeks now. This however is much like how dentists suggest not rinsing with water after brushing your teeth at night or using mouthwash to keep the teeth coated. It's something I will keep on using as I'm positive it's good for my teeth but not something I'd recommend buying just for the whitening claims. 

Lumecare Carboner Eye Gel 
£2.99 here or in some chemists 
Lastly a product that I've been using for around 2 years now and couldn't be without. Simple get practical these eyedrops in gel form are not only easy to use but can be put in the eyes before bed for more lubricated eyes in the morning. This is especially great if you are someone that gets dry sore eyes when you wake in the morning or if you suffer from any allergies such as hayfever. With dry eyes from contacts and often tired eyes in the morning these really are a god send to me. A million times better than any eye drops I've tried. 

Have you used any overnight beauty treatments? Let me know! 

Fee xo.

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