A New Addiction with Bargain EOS Lip Balms!


Over the past year I've realised I go through fazes of buying the same types of products, one month I ended up with 5 new mascaras, another month I decided I was into bronzers and bought 6, then there was last month when I decided I needed all the blue nail polish I could find - oops. 

This month it's certainly all about EOS lip balms after discovering quite a few of them at only £3.25 on Amazon! I mean I couldn't say no to that, could I? So now I've ended up with 3 EOS lip balms and counting and that really didn't need to happen for someone that has a more than ample collection of lip balms. But I seriously don't regret a thing as I LOVE THEM! 

It all started with EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm (£3.25 here). I instantly loved it and all it's sweet minty-ness. I also appreciate a nice domed applicator that glides over the top and bottom lip in one go without using your fingers. Plus there's just something about the shape and packaging I love. 

Next... about 3 days later I bought EOS Lemon Drop Lip Balm (£3.25 here) because of course I needed another one (not) but it was a justified purchase as it contains SPF15 and I do tend to burn my lips in summer. The flavour/scent of this isn't as lemon-y as I've hoped but it does have a sugary sweetness to it and you can tell it's lemon scented. 

Then for my most recent purchase I decided I needed one of the Limited Edition EOS lip balms so I decided on Coconut Milk (£4.15 here). This was a tad more money but worth it for the packaging and flavour. Though it is more of a tropical scent than you would imagine coconut milk to be. The price is still fairly reasonable though for a lip balm, especially one imported from the USA and normally with a price tag of around £9 in the UK! Quite a bargain really. 

I now have my eye on Blueberry Acai (£3.25 here) and Strawberry Sorbet (£3.25 here) but I will resist... for now mwahaha! 3 EOS lip balms is definitely enough. But if I do spot a Cranberry scented one it will have to be mine for Christmas. 

Have you tried EOS lip Balms? 

Fee xo.

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