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Last week I asked on Twitter if anyone would like to see a stationery haul and surprisingly it was a resounding 'YES'! Well I say surprisingly, but stationery is pretty amazing isn't it?

So here is the post! Full of vibrant pens, glittery pencils and gold embossed Disney cards. This is basically porn of the paper kind! 


Leather Bound A3 Notebook 
£7.99 - Homesense 
Why hello beautiful gold embossed notebook. Okay, so I was on a bit of a notebook buying ban but it's not everyday you come across a leather bound notebook as beautiful as this... so I simply had to have it. I will admit I have yet to write in it and have mainly just looked at it and stroked the cover but whatever I decided to use it for it will take pride of place on my desk. I just love the quote to the front and how the gold lettering catches the light and how well made is feels. Absolutely love Homesense/TK Maxx for finds like this.

Benji Bunny Greeting Card
£2.00 - John Lewis here
Are cards classed as stationery? I really don't know. But what I do know is that I couldn't not include this cute little fellow. Yes, he looks like a sad little watercolour bunny but that's kind of why I love him so much. As a card to someone this would be lovely but I actually intend to stick it on my office wall or frame it and place it on my desk. Either way I know this will look great.

Emma Bridgewater Ring Binder 
£5.00 - Amazon here
Another Homesense find here but you can also find it on Amazon as Homesense is pretty hit & miss from store-to-store. Nothing too special but I loved the saying 'Sorted (Almost)' to the front of the binder. This will be for boring tax receipts and invoices because I need to be a lot more organised with them - arghh! 


Hallmark Disney Greeting Cards 
£2.99 - Sainsburys
More pretty cards that I couldn't leave out of this haul! I initially spotted these wonderful Disney cards on Instagram on a Disney finds feed so I instantly hotfooted it down to Sainsburys and picked up two card from the range of six, I'm tempted to say. Both greeting cards will act at wonderful prints in some gilded frames I have and again will be hung on my office wall. Tempted to also get the Ariel one I spotted now to make a trio. Great value, especially if you aren't going to be using them as cards.

Happy Jackson Sticky Notes 
£2.99 - ASOS here
If you're a stationary lover you will notice over time that plain old yellow sticky notes just don't cut it anymore. I mean why go for boring yellow sticky squares when you can have dotty ones and speech bubbles and even pre-printed ones! Oh, the joy of simple things! I don't have a need to use sticky notes for anything but I'm sure I'll find a use for them. 


Sharpie Permanent Markers 80s Glam (pack of 24)
£14.95 - Amazon here
On to the good stuff - the crack of the stationery world! Yes, I'm talking coloured pens. Well not any pens; Sharpies, to be precise. This was a wonderful set I received from my sister for my birthday a few weeks ago now and I seriously love them. The colours in this set vary from vivid colours to pastels and all are just lovely. Will be using them for colouring with and also general notebook writing/blog planning. For 24 pens I really think this is great value.

Staedtler Triplus Assorted Fineliners (pack of 10)
£5.49 - Amazon here 
More pens! Again for colouring but for fine detail. I actually picked these up after reading tons of reviews on Amazon for the best fineliners for adult colouring and they really do the job. Super pigmented and smooth without bleeding through onto the next page. Also not a bad price for 10 pens I don't thin.
 FYI - The above colouring page is from Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom Colouring Book (£3.99 - Amazon here) which I'd highly recommend if you are looking for detailed and interesting designs. An amazing stress/anxiety reducer! 

Paperchase Glitter Pencils (pack of 12)
£3.50 - ASOS here 
Another totally unneeded purchase! I actually can't justify buying these at all... other than I felt I needed glitter pencils in my life! I also blame the matching coloured rubber tops! No one needs 12 of the same grade of pencil but hey ho, these will look pretty on my desk and will make me smile! As for the gold dotted pot which is very Kate Spade-esqe, it's in fact a toothbrush holder that I found on the bathroom aisle of Asda - only £3!  


Metallic Washi Tape (set of 3)
£4.50 - John Lewis here
A few months ago I tried washi tape for the first time and was instantly hooked! The combination of pretty tape and the easy peel off won it for me. So as I'm also obsessed with anything metallic at the moment I decided to spend £4.50 on 3 washi tapes. A slightly excessive amount to spend on glorified tape but it will be put to good use displaying prints on my wall and also generally prettify things with it. These would be ideal if you are into scrapbooking or have a planner. Side note - Only just discovered the word of planners and how obsessed people can get over them - mind actually blown!

Black Zig Zag Washi Tape (10 metres)
£1.54 - eBay here
Lastly more washi tape because I clearly can't get enough of the stuff. Although not metallic this is the same quality as the above washi tapes from John Lewis for double the amount of one of the rolls. This goes to show you don't have to pay hiked up prices of the high street! The listing contains so many designs, all at £1.54 but you can find so many pretty ones on eBay in general. 

If you love stationary just as much as I do I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Fee xo. 
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