A Perfect Eye Quartet


When it comes to eye makeup I'm all about neutral but smokey eyeshadow palettes, liquid eyeliner and a good volumising mascara. I actually feel I'm on a constant search for both a perfect fluid liner and a volumising mascara as both can be tricky to get right for many reasons. But finally I feel I've found the products for me and at quite budget prices, which I felt was blog post worthy. 

Below are four products that I simply cannot fault and make up my current go-to eye that I can't see changing any time soon. Apologies in advance for falling in low with a £15.00 eyeshadow brush! Not savvy in the least. 


MUA 5th Birthday Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette 
£4.00 - Superdrug here 
Or FREE when you spend £8 on MUA products
These days it not often I fall in love with such a budget eyeshadow palette; with my trusty Urban Decay Naked palettes and a beautiful new Tarte quad in my stash the competition is tough. But I gave the new MUA Limited Edition palette a chance as some of the shades looked stunning and I went and fell in love. With a mix of high intensity shimmer, light shimmery and matt shades this really is quite a versatile palette that I've been getting full use of, bar the matte black which does lack pigmentation if I'm honest. As for the quality, the shimmery shades are beautifully creamy, highly pigmented and blend well. The matte shades have also impressed me as the last time I tried a MUA palette I remember the mattes lacking in pigmentation and felt quite chalky... but no more!
 Especially love the 1st, 3rd and 5th shades for the high shimmery qualities. The 2nd shade in as such a beautiful highlight. The 4th and 6th matte brown shades for in the crease. And surprisingly the 2nd shade in on the bottom row, a shimmery lilac, is just perfect. This truly is a must-have palette if you love a smokey eye.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Pointed Crease Brush 
£12.00 - Boots in-store 
Having already been impressed with the main Real Techniques range I really did wonder if the fairly recent and more expensive Bold Metals Collection would be worth it. For me it's hit and miss having tried 3 of the brushes but the one that stood out to me was this brush that really does compare to something much higher end. From the softness, to the shape and even the weighty handle that someone helps with application, it all spot on. What I really love though about the brush it isn't versatility - the tip is perfect for getting precise colour into the crease and smoking out colour on the lower lash line and the side of the brush is ideal for blending out shadows. I also find the brush is the perfect size for the socket and fits my eye perfectly. You really can tell Sam and Nick have thought about this brush a lot and what someone would want from a crease blending brush. Really just perfect! 


Bourjois Liner Pinceau Eyeliner - Ultra Black 
£6.99 - Boots here 
 Eyeliner for me is a must. I can't do my makeup without it - I'd feel naked! I'd now like to think I'm fairly good at winged eyeliner but always stay with liquid pen liners as I imagined an eyeliner like the Bourjois one above to give less control and being more liquid more chance of messing up. But how wrong I was! In fact the liquid consistency and the flexible nib means I can rest the brush on the lash line and sweep along and then up with a small flick at the end - it truly couldn't be easier! I also find this liner once dry to stay all day without fading or smudging! A product that's really surprised me and one I now cannot be without.

Kiko Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara 
£8.90 - Kiko here or in-store 
 Oh, mascaras are a tricky one aren't they? They promise so much but then if it isn't compatible with your lashes it can be such a waste of money. That is actually why I don't review mascaras often on Makeup Savvy as I feel what might look great on my own lashes may not on someone elses. But this mascara unless you have very straight, short lashes will do the trick for most people. This is one of those mascaras where you let it do the work  just gliding through the lashes with the wand giving amazing volume without clumps. I love this so much I'm tempted to say it's steered me away from re-purchasing YSL Faux Cils, which says a lot! If you have a Kiko store near you or you're thinking of placing an order online soon then this has to go in your basket.

What are some of your favourite eye products at the moment? 

Fee xo.

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