Skincare Haul from Feel Unique with Zeek + How to Claim Your Free £10 Voucher!


Last month a fairly new company called Zeek got in touch! They asked if I wanted to try out their gift voucher marketplace app with a very kind voucher to spend on whatever I liked. So I said yes, and as you can see I opted for some Feel Unique vouchers to spend on skincare - as I seem to be skin obsessed at the moment! 

In a nutshell Zeek is an app where you can sell unwanted vouchers (any!) for money or exchange for a voucher you actually want OR you can go on there to buy a voucher and save money as you pay less for the voucher than the face value of it. For example my Feel Unique voucher cost me £27 but the face value of it was £31... but the best thing is the higher the value of the voucher the bigger the discount, pretty great if you know you will be purchasing something big from say John Lewis, Ikea etc you can just hop on there, see if they have a voucher and save some money! Also with purely online stores such as Amazon, Feel Unique etc you get the voucher code instantly after purchasing the voucher. Or with a normal in-store voucher it will be sent Signed For Royal Mail within 7 days.


Get your Free £10 voucher!
So before getting into the skincare haul, here is how you can retrieve your free £10 voucher to spend against a higher value voucher or be sneaky and get a totally free voucher by selecting a £10 or under voucher (a few people I know have selected £10 vouchers for Primark, Mothercare, Starbucks, Amazon and WH Smith making it totally free!!!) 
Simply download the app onto your phone or tablet and sign up for a free account. Then swipe left to reveal the sidebar and enter code '2nmdl1' in to the 'Promo Codes' section. This will load your account with the free £10 to spend on whatever you wish! Pretty great, hey? (FYI, I will also get the same!)

 Extra info
*If you want a free £10 voucher and you can't spot any £10 vouchers from a store you like, check back daily as there is a constant stream of new vouchers being put on the app. 
* You may be asked to pay £1 by entering your card details or going through Paypal. I'm sure this is purely to connect an account to your details so that you don't go making up different accounts with different email addresses. 
*If you are reading this on the mobile version you can dowload the app here - it will take you to where it is in the app store.


 On to the haul now as I picked up some great products that I've already been using or were re-purchases. All pretty perfect for Spring/Summer! 

Riemann P20 Once-A-Day SPF 50
£13.29/100ml - Feel Unique HERE
First up a sunscreen I've been wanting to try out for the last 2 years. This has the makings of being the sunscreen of my dreams as it lasts a full 10 hours, it's a high SPF, it's a spray and it's not over oily or sticky... plus it's even 100ml making it the correct size if you only take hand luggage with you on holiday (which I do!). So you can see why this has the potential to be amazing! Of course as the sun isn't shining at the moment and it isn't hot enough I can't test this out but when I do there will certainly be a review of it along with a few other non-greasy sunscreens up on my blog as I'm a bit obsessed with them! But from an initial look and feel of the sunscreen it really does feel very lightweight for an oil and soaks into the skin within pretty much 30 seconds giving the skin a very slight moisturised/hydrated feel. The only downside I can spot is the smell... nothing major but it's not a nice summery scent that I'm use to with sunscreens. But on the whole this seems like it could be a total winner! 

 La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water 
£3.50/50g - Feel Unique HERE 
Each year come spring/summer I pick up a thermal water spray for my bag. This year I thought it might as well be La Roche-Posay as I've been loving their Serozinc which makes up the basis of the spray. A little spray like this is so handy for hot days to spritz over your face or even your achy feet after too much shopping. This is a summer handbag essential for me.


Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover Pads 
£7.29/75 pads - Feel Unique HERE 
Many moons ago Ruth from A Model Recommends raved about these makeup remover pads and since then they have been on my to-buy list in my head. So I decided to finally pick them but and see if I loved them just as much! Now the pre-soaked pads aim to remove both face makeup and waterproof eye makeup without leaving any sticky residue, pretty appealing, and they did do just that... however they did make my eyes sting a little! Nothing terrible but enough to make me not want to use them on my eyes, which is a shame as I was hoping to use the pads also as a little cooling eye treatment like Ruth recommended. But hey ho, these are still great to quickly remove makeup when you get home before properly cleansing at night or for when you're feeling lazy. I can see these being much kinder to my skin compared to makeup wipes! 

Yes To Grapefruit Brightening Facial Wipes 
£3.99/25 wipes - Feel Unique HERE
Ahem, talking of wipes. Okay.... so I do use them but I swear by only two brands - Yes To and Ole Henriksen (kinda like the Superdrug Micellar Wipes as well). Basically I'm in the camp "face wipes are going to happen, get over it" though I do opt for the best quality I can for a reasonable price... the Ole Henriksen ones are definitely a holiday treat I buy once a year! Anyway onto these specific wipes which I've repurchased a few times now after trying out all the different wipes Yes To have to offer. These are simply a good wipe to roughly cleanse the skin with, especially with the added texture to them and them being wet enough. I also love, love, love the grapefruit scent of these, almost a sugary but fresh scent that I can't get enough of in summer, I literally breath the scent in. You can also find these in Boots if you want to try them out. 

Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap 
£3.90 - Feel Unique HERE 
As a Beauty Blogger I'm sure it's expected of me to be using more interesting and nicer products than just soap on my face. Okay, so I do use other cleansers but yes, I do swear by this soap for general day-to-day washing your face cleansing when you aren't wearing makeup (so in the shower or when you wake up). The reason I love it so much and why this is my 4th re-purchase is that is doesn't alter or disrupt my skin in anyway and it's beyond sensitive - great if you have any skin problems; face or body. It's just a very neutral soap that I can rely on. I also use this on the sensitive areas of my body (TMI?) as again it's lack of ingredients make it ideal for sensitive skin. Also don't let the blackness of this soap put you off: the foam is actually white! 

Hope you've enjoyed this haul! And remember to grab your free £10 voucher! 

If you have any problems getting the code to work just give me a shout on Twitter or in the comments below! 

Fee xo.

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