Going on Holiday this Summer? 5 Items You Really Should Pack!


Are you going on holiday this summer? If so, I'm jealous! I have 6 more long months until mine! But green eyed monster aside I'm sure your thoughts are turning to what you are going to buy for your holiday and what you are going to pack. I strangely LOVE this stage and like to think I'm a bit of a savvy packer! 

So below I've listed 5 items I really feel most people could benefit packing into their suitcase. Hope you enjoy this post, I loved taking the photos for it, and please do let me know your own tips if you have any! 


Appropriate Hair Ties 
First up what could be seen as a boring tip but trust me, if you have medium to long hair you need to take haircare seriously on holiday! For day-to-day when you want your hair up but possibly down at night without that horrible kink in it I highly recommend the soft elasticated hair ties. These are not only kinder to the hair but when your want your hair down they kind of look pretty on the wrist! The above lovely ties are from Popband, a brand that offers an amazing range of hair ties in packs of 5 for £8 here. The 'Stardust' and 'Nightlife' sets are just soooo pretty! My other recommendation is for Invisibobbles which as you may be able to see is a plastic hair ring that you use just like any normal bottle but again it's leaves your hair crease-free and can hardly be seen in the hair. But what I love about this type of bobble is that it's perfect for using to tie up your hair with when swimming as it's not only waterproof but it doesn't get tangled into the hair like material bobbles can do. Also at only £3.75 for 3 Invisibobbles here in a whole range of colours they are pretty good value.

A Travel Perfume Atomiser
Next is a solution to taking your favourite perfume(s) on holiday with you. This is an essential if the fragrance you want to take with you is in a huge bottle or if you want to take a few choices with you. The solution is a simple one, decant some of your fragrance into a Travelo or a refillable Perfume Atomizer. I prefer the latter as not only are they super cheap at only £1.65 each on eBay here, but once you are back from holiday you can simply rinse them out and they can be re-used over and over. (FYI if you buy one or two - to decant your perfume of choice you have to pull apart the end of the atomiser and spray the perfume directly into the little tube, filling it up.)

Facial Sunscreen 
 (especially if you have oily/combination skin)
Of course sunscreen is a must on holiday but do you ever take a separate one just for your face? Probably not. But if you think about it, it's kind of like using your body cream on your face... and I'm sure you'd never do that! It's even more important if you have oily/blemish-prone skin as so many sunscreens are oily and just sit on the skin. Since realising how good facial SPF's are I'm become slightly obsessed with them and have tried quite a few now. My favourite is almost a sunscreen gel/primer hybrid that I absolutely swear by. It's perfect for anyone with oily skin but will suit all skintypes... literally it feels like a silicone-based primer on the skin. It's normally around £23 but you can find it on Amazon at the moment for only £3.99 here, though I'm pretty sure it's because the date is only for this year - something to bear in mind. However a more popular facial suncream is the Sunsense Invisible Tint SPF 50, £12.70 Amazon here or John Lewis stores, which is another favourite as it literally feels like a bb cream though with slightly less coverage! Both truly amazing products.


A Super-Duper Light & Compact Hair Dryer 
(if you're high maintenance like me!)
When it comes to going on holiday I can't risk the chance of there not being a hair dryer in the room. Hot or not outside my hair takes hours to dry and when air-dried it's just a frizz mess, so basically a hair dryer is a must for me. If you're the same then a travel hairdryer should be an essential because there just isn't enough room or weight allowance to cater for your normal hair dryer. The above compact hair dryer is the Braun Style & Go Hair Dryer, £13.69 Argos here, which folds down and is oh so light in comparison to a normal one, plus the speed and heat of it is pretty good. Also I find as they're only used a few times a year they last forever! A true holiday essential for me!

A Scuba Bikini Pouch, but not for a bikini!
Scuba/neoprene material seems to be everywhere at the moment - dresses, clutches, hats, skirts, you name it! I'm not sure how I feel about wearing neoprene, it's so thick and just a strange material, but it is great at being waterproof, hence why bikini pouches are made out of it. However another great use for it is as a waterproof pouch for your phone, e-reader and money... basically anything you don't want to get water damaged or get sand all over... the material is also quite padded feeling! This is also perfect for by the pool for the same reasons and you can even keep your phone in it whilst listening to music: just zip it closed up the earphone cable. Quite a lot of brands sell bikini pouches now but the lovely one above is from ASOS and is currently reduced to £4.50 here and I love it! 

Hope you've enjoyed this very summery feeling post! 

Fee xo.

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