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As we are finally approaching Spring I thought it would be a good time to update my in-shower Favourites. After longer showers in winter to pamper my skin as best I can I love to switch to fresher products that are still nourishing. Below are my current favourite products to use in my shower that I honestly reach for the most! 


Space NK Life Exhilarating Body Scrub 
WAS £18.00 NOW £4.50 - Space NK here 
Come even the sight of warmer days I jump back into exfoliating! After Winter I get them pesky little dots on my arms that need to be gone, so to a good exfoliator it is. Now as I love showers and I don't have a bath I always go for body scrubs in a tube, which are generally sloppy and pretty light of grains, but thankfully with Space NK's own brand body scrub you get a thick sugar cane scrub! I will admit this does mean you develop some strong hand/wrist muscles from squeezing it out but it's totally worth it because tub body scrubs in a shower are a big no-no! The scrub itself is fresh, almost grapefruit/citrus smelling and definitely perfect for morning showers. As for the consistency as I mentioned it's thick, thick with cane sugar that's suspended in a half sweet almond oil and hydrating glycerine mix that can be really worked into the skin to scrub away all them dead cells. I also love that it leaves my skin feeling clean and not with a film of oil unlike a lot of other thick body scrubs. This is definitely a unique scrub in a tube and worth picking up while it's so heavily reduced!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 
13g Travel Size £13.50 - Beauty Things here 
This is an old favourite that I come back to time and time again especially when my skin is feeling a little blah and in need of a perk-me-up. Perfect for even the most sensitive of skin this is a wonderfully gentle but effective daily exfoliate that is grain-free! This simple micro exfoliates away all the dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling so much smoother and looking brighter. It's not the most ideal product to use in the shower with it's shaker style top but having in next to my conditioner makes me use this 3 times a week - though you could use it daily it's that gentle. Ditch the harsh face scrub and try out this - it's beyond worth it!
 (I decided to link to the travel size, which is hard to find, but as this travel size lasts be over a year I find the full 75g size a bit ridiculous - plus it's £37!).

Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter 
£7.00 - Boots here 
S&G Whipped Clean was a product I featured in my last "In-shower favourites" post and is still in my shower and still a favourite! For me this is an in-shower moisturiser and a perfect shaving cream for my legs. It smells heavenly like popcorn and feels like a normal light moisturiser on the skin whilst working as a body wash. I am however still holding out for the day Soap & Glory come out with a Sugar Crush version?! Now that would be seriously dreamy. But for now this is a pretty fab product!


OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo 
£6.99 - Waitrose here or Boots  
OGX have been a brand on my radar for some time now as quite a lot of their shampoos are SLS-free (great if you have a dry or irritated scalp or just like a more hydrating shampoo) and of high quality! Yes, you do pay that bit more but not only is the quality worth it you get a sizable 385ml of product per bottle. Along with lots of other SLS-free shampoos in my shower the fairly new OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo is the one I reach for the most. Why? Because it's the one that locks in the most moisture whilst leaving it feeling clean and bouncy. I put this down to the hydrating Kukui nut oil (don't worry it doesn't smell nutty) and it's defrizzing properties. OGX and the L'Oreal Ever range are definitely my favourite go-to shampoo ranges!

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Conditioner
£4.99 - Boots here
Lastly another true favourite that I have used for countless year. Yes, it's mainly down to the addictive bubblegum scent (literally my noise picks it up walking down the haircare aisle!) but it's also a damn good conditioner. For some reason I use it a little less in winter, I guess that's down to the scent, but come sunny days I'm all over this and when summer is in full swing it's a total winner. This gel feeling conditioner really is an express treatment in 3 minutes as it somehow softens the hair amazingly well and also leave it smelling amazing. Anyone else obsessed with this conditioner? 

Hope you have enjoyed this post!
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Fee xo. 

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