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If only the Internet had existed back when I first ventured in to wearing makeup. Actually the internet did exist, but blogs were technically over-sharing emo posts on LiveJournal and sadly YouTube hadn't been created! That last statement makes me feel beyond old even though I'm only 26! 

So if you are still in your teens/new to makeup then you really should be worshipping at the feet of all good beauty blogs and especially Pixiwoo! Though on the flip side I can see how the makeup world is beyond daunting now with thousands of brands and products to choose from. So like so many other blog posts out there, I thought I'd do a run down of essential products and what my recommendations are for each. If you aren't new to makeup and have anything to add/suggest to anyone reading this post then really feel free to do so in the comments below! 

*Products are in order of how I'd suggest to apply them and everything I suggest here can be found in either Boots or Superdrug. If I've missed anything out, like face primer/highlighter, it's because I don't really see it as an essential when you are starting out/in your teens.*

Foundation/BB Cream 
Foundation is unfortunately the hardest product to get right and is the thing that can affect your overall look the most. Well applied eyeshadow will be sadly lost on an orange or unblended face. So it's important you get it right! Actually looking back I think in my teen years when my skin really wasn't as bad as I thought it was I should have gone foundation-free and just concealed the odd blemish! But that is hindsight for you. So if you do have clear skin please please step away from the full coverage foundation and consider totally naked skin or opting for a light BB Cream. Though talking of BB Creams I sadly think the western versions are slightly off and are more similar to a tinted moisturiser. But I do have two favourites - Garnier BB Skin Perfector, as a good all-rounder and The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream, a great one to go for if you get often have blemishes. As for foundation I've found L'Oreal to be the brand that offer the best natural and light foundations, with Lumi Magique Foundation being a great light and dewy choice and True Match Foundation for a great colour range. 

The highstreet is awash with amazing eyeshadows! From pigmented single eyeshadows from Seventeen to amazing palette from the likes of MUA, Makeup Revolution and Sleek. We really as spoilt for choice. Where value for money is concerned eyeshadow palettes are hands down the best option, with palettes from MUA and Essence being my favourites. However liquid eyeshadows are another great option with my favourites being the Rimmel Scandaletes Shadow Paints that are easily swiped over the lids and blended with the fingertips. 

When starting out, pencil eyeliner really is your best friend. Liquid liner will be the enemy for a long time as it's hard to master! So opting for a simple creamy kohl liner or harder eyeliner pencil is your best option. Rimmel for me offer a range of good harder pencils that are perfect for achieving a nice eyeliner flick. But if you are looking for a more smudgy eyeliner to work into your lash line then Sleek offer such an amazing range of shades that just can't be beaten. However if you do want to try liquid liner L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim is ideal as it has a wonderfully fine flexible nib.  

Mascara is a tough one! Even now I get a case of spider lashes if I pick up a new mascara that's too clumpy and the amount of times I still stab myself in the eye with the wand is ridiculous. But there are a few easy makeup tips when it comes to buying mascara - 1. Go for lengthening mascaras to start with, they won't be overly clumpy 2. Opt for a standard size brush over a huge or crazy shaped one - always trickier to use. 3. Don't be tempted with higher priced mascaras, they won't do the job any better and you might not like it. I personally love Seventeen at Boots for affordable mascaras and Revlon.

Concealer is strangely a step I skipped when I was in my teens and I actually haven't a clue why - my spots definitely need it! I think I must have thought my caked on foundation was hiding everything! But now concealer is a god send to me and something I wouldn't leave the house without. The high street is now flooded with concealing products in different forms making it a bit of a headache to know what to go for but really you are looking for two types - one to concealer under-eye circles/dark shadows and one to concealer blemishes if you have them. With an under eye concealer unless you feel like you need a full coverage concealer I'd opt for a nice pen-style highlighting concealer that will reflect the light and make that area appear bright. My favourite for this would be L'Oreal Lumie Magique Concealer. Then for blemishes I would go for the best coverage you can find and something that matches your skin tone well. An absolute favourite of mine and fellow bloggers in the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, it's creamy, full coverage and just wonderful! You can also use it under the eye if you feel like you need it. 

Bronzer is another tough one to get right, especially if you jump right into contouring. But whether you are wanting to add a bit of colour to your face or trying your hand at contouring I'd suggest you stay away from anything with a shimmer or a sparkle to it! It's so easy to over do it and look like a tangerine come disco ball. So a matte bronzer is what you are looking for and preferably a powder as they are the easiest product to work with. A favourite bronzer even now of mine is Bourjois Bronzing Powder; it's light, matte and so easy to blend.

When I first got into wearing blushers I didn't have a clue what suited my skin tone so I ended up wasting money on blushers I ended up not liking or that didn't suit me. But thankfully blush palettes now exist! Makeup Revolution offer some great palettes with 8 blushers in for only £6 - amazing. But if you prefer single blushers then I'd highly recommend Natural Collection blushers, not only are they £1.99 each but the shades are lovely and soft.

If you're in your teens and have an oily T-zone or you're an adult with an oily skin type then powder should be the last step so remove any shine and set your makeup. If you don't have that skin type then powder can be skipped and definitely doesn't need to be used all over the face making makeup look heavy and thick. My favourite pressed translucent powder would be Collection Stay Matte Powder used with a large fluffy powder brush, just swept over the T-zone or any areas of shine. If you ever buy a powder compact with an sponge included, seriously throw it away, you will never wash it and it will apply powder way too thickly! If you have really oily skin then Gosh Prime 'n' Set Powder which can be use under and over foundation should be enough! 

When I first started wearing makeup I instantly draw to lipgloss, but sadly the gloopy sticky kind that just didn't look good. But thankfully most high street lip products aren't like that now! One lip product I wish existed when I was a teen are the Barry M Lip Gloss' with Toffee being my absolute favourite for so many years now. But I'd equally recommend any by Essence as they have a bigger range and they're slightly cheaper. As for lipstick, Rimmel are a great brand to go for as they're not too pricey per individual product. Much like blusher it can be hard to know what colours suit you best so swatching on your hand/wrist when out shopping is a must! Also if you feel like wearing lipstick looks too much on you then you can dab it onto your lips with your fingertip and then even blot it with a piece of tissue. 

Brushes aren't essential but if you want to get better at makeup then starting using them early is only a good thing. I highly recommend any of the Real Technique starter kits, especially the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit. But I've honestly found some amazing brush sets on eBay (like this one for only £1.99!) that are just as good quality. My main tip here is to not be swayed by the popularity of brands such as MAC or Sigma, yes they offer good quality brushes but even for me they aren't worth it!

Other random after thoughts - Washing your makeup brushes is essential, any shampoo (baby shampoo is great) will do. Want a cute makeup bag? Primark is without a doubt the best place! If you have over plucked eyebrows and feel you need to fill them in go for a lighter shaded pencil rather than dark and go slow with small brush stroke movements.

If you are new to makeup I really hope this post has been helpful! 

Fee xo.

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