Huge The Body Shop Haul


Haul time again! 
With The Body Shop offering their amazing '£25 off when you spend £50' deal I couldn't resist. Over the past few months my to-buy list for products from The Body Shop has grown, so this was an ideal opportunity to snap everything up at 50% off, plus free delivery!

*The Body Shop deal includes - £5 off when you send £15, £10 off when you send £25 and £25 off when you spend £50 with the code 'TREAT'. Offer ends midnight 26th January 2015.* 


Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Light Matte
£13.00 here
Finally, finally, I have my hands on the one bronzer I've been lusting for for over a year now! I really don't know why it's taken me so long to get it but I'm now so pleased it's in my life.. even if it's just to look at, because this is one pretty product! Already I know this will be a go-to contour option as it's a great match for my pale skin and has such a perfect tone - no undertones of oompa loompa here. So excited to try this out now!

Moringa Eau De Toilette 
£8.50/30ml here
Out of all The Body Shop scents 'Moringa' is definitely my favourite. I discovered it a few years back in summer when I was after something fresh and floral and it just hit the spot. Since then I've been re-purchasing the Moringa Body Mist and while I love it I can't just throw the 100ml glass bottle in my handbag. So this time I decided to opt for the more travel friendly 30ml size with the eau de toilette version which also offers a longer lasting, more concentrated scent. The scent is best smelt in person but to me this is a wonderful light floral white flower scent that is so fresh and very true to warm flowers giving off their scent in summer. Just beautiful for spring/summer!


Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in Light
£8.00/40ml here 
This was very much an impulse purchase to bump up my basket to the £50 mark (so I could get everything for £25!) but one I'm sooo glad I took a risk on. Generally I'm not a fan off BB creams - never enough coverage, never feel that great on my skin and they never seem to be light enough for my skin tone. Until I discovered this one! If you have a oily/combination skin type then I urge you to try this. It covers, concealer, feels so light on the skin and it's light enough to actually be called 'light'. I'm sure this will be popping up in other posts as I'm just so impressed with it.

Aloe Lip Treatment 
£5.00 here
This was another to-buy product that I hadn't bought due to it always being sold out (at the time of typing this post it's still in stock - woohoo!) in fact two stores I visited were also sold out of it and both asisstants told me it was a popular product indeed! Is this due to the Essie Button effect (she raved about it a few times), I really don't know, but I'm expecting miracles! I have way too many lip balms but purchased this as a night-time lip treatment, well that's what I've been telling myself so I could allow myself to buy it, that can get to work and renew my dry winter lips. I'm interested to see how good this.


Facial Massager 
£6.00 here
This was without a doubt a Caroline Hirons inspired purchase after reading her blog post on this exact facial massager here. If you love reading beauty blogs then you will know Caroline Hirons is a skincare God, actual the God of skincare. She knows her stuff and when she recommends something on the high street I snap it up! I'm hoping this will remedy the lumps that sometimes develop under my jawline, that feel like blockages in my skin and develop into sore under the skin spots. Also I love the idea of using this with a facial oil when I'm wanting to pamper my skin. I expected the roller to be hard plastic but was pleased to feel it's actually got some give to it and it is really comfortable to use.

Coconut Oil Hair Shine 
£5.50 here 
I love coconut oil and I love using it on my hair as an intensive treatment so when I spotted this it was straight in my basket. This is quite a simple product it that if melts under contact with the fingertips and can be used on the ends and fly-away parts of the hair to tame frizz and add shine. The Hair Shine has great reviews of The Body Shop website so I have high hopes for it. Also you can just tell this is a product that will last forever!


Banana Conditioner 
£4.50/250ml here 
Ahhhh, banana conditioner how I love you so. You are so wrong but also so very right. 
This is one of those products you need to trust me on and have a cheeky sniff of in The Body Shop, because trust me, this smells a lot nicer than you'd ever imagine. It's almost a sweet banana scent that is quite fresh and just different. I doubt I'd love this scent in anything other than haircare but as a conditioner it just works. As for the conditioner itself it works a treat for my dry over-heated hair, leaving it soft and smelling sweet... not banana-y.

Rainforest Shine Shampoo & Radiance Conditioner Mini 
£2.00/60ml here | £2.00/60ml here
These are just two minis I added in with my order for an upcoming holiday in March. The shampoo is SLS-free and a really nice one. The conditioner works well enough, though I will be making sure to take a mini Aussie 3 Minute Deep Conditioner with me for sea salt tangled hair that needs extra nourishing. 

Hope you enjoyed this haul! 
Remember the amazing offer is on until Monday night if you are planning on buying anything! 

What is your favourite ever product from The Body Shop? 

Fee xo.

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