eBay Bargains #12 - All Things Brushes


1. 10 Piece Makeup Brush Set (£7.05 here) 
First up an incredibly cheap brush set. I've purchased brushes similar to these on eBay before and they are some of my favourites in my collection. These are surprisingly well made and soft! 
 2. Microfibre Drying Mat (£1.58 here) 
When it comes to drying my brushes after cleaning them I just use a towe,l but this microfibre drying mat looks ideal... and how cheap?! Already snapped one of these up!
 3. Makeup Brushes Holder Case (£4.99 here 
 How pretty is this?! The case very much reminds me of a Ted Baker print and looks great quality. This can be used as two holders on your desk or as shown above to carry your brushes in. The listing includes 4 other styles.
4. Makeup Brush Drying Stand (£9.49 here) 
 Another more advanced way of drying your brushes after cleaning. This is probably the ideal solution so water stays away from the brush ferrule and the brush dries in the correct shape. Slightly pricey but compared to £20+ ones I've seen this isn't too bad.
5. Silicone Brush Cleaning Glove (£2.95 here) 
When it comes to cleaning multiple makeup brushes it can be harsh on your hands, not to mention time consuming. This is why using a silicone oven glove is such a clever idea! Your hands stay dry and you can rub subbed up brushes against the embossed pattern to really get them clean. I already own one of these and I wouldn't ever go back!
6. Silicone Brush Cleaning Finger Glove (99p here 
 A similar option to the above is this ridged finger glove. This fits over your 4 fingers and you simply work your dirty brushes with shampoo/washing-up liquid over the ridges. Already bought this as I think it could be great! 
7. 5 Pack of Blending Brushes (£1.59 here) 
 This is such an incredibly cheap set and one I absolutely love! For this price you wouldn't expect much but these are some soft soft brushes. Perfect for both blending eyeshadow and blending out concealer. A must if you are looking for some new brushes or just want a few spare clean brushes to hand. 
8. 15 Pack Brush Guards (99p here 
 Lastly a good option for keeping your brushes in perfect condition. How I store my brushes I feel I don't need these but if store them in your makeup bag or against each other these are great. Though I am tempted to buy these for when I use a makeup bag on holiday and my brushes are squished in there. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Finding eBay bargains is one of my favourite things to do! 
Fee xo. 

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