Organic Surge Christmas Beauty Blogger Bundle


This year the wonderful brand that is Organic Surge have gone and created a special bundle of products that are loved by  beauty bloggers! I've already raved about the cleanser so feel this is a special set that includes Organic Surge's best products. 

The bundle consists of 4 full size products and costs £35.50 with free delivery here. Plus at the moment if you sign up to the newsletter you receive a free Overnight Sensation Night Cream (which is also in the bundle) worth £10.95. Included in the bundle - Hot Cloth Cleanser (150ml), Spiced Lily Foaming Bath (250ml), Overnight Sensation Night Cream (50ml) and Gardeners Hand Cream (75ml). 


 Hot Cloth Cleanser (£13.95 - 150ml)
This was the first cream cleanser I tried after getting hooked on the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and I can truly say it's just as good. Just a simple creamy cleanser that melts off makeup and actually feels quite calming to the skin. Definitely the star product of the bundle for me. Also has a wonderful herbal Moroccan rose scent to it. 

Spiced Lily Foaming Bath (£5.99 - 250ml)
Now I say the cream cleanser is a star product for me, but I know the Spiced Lily Foaming Bath is a favourite of many bloggers and before this bundle I was yet to try it! I sadly couldn't envisage how relaxing the lily scent was that so many bloggers noted but this seriously is dreamy. Think an expensive relaxing candle kind of scent. Also it really does have a lily scent but with a spiced edge that's very cozy and almost Christmas-y. This also creates good bubbles and is free from nasties. 

 Overnight Sensation Night Cream (£10.95 - 50ml) 
Out of the bundle this is my least favourite product as I rarely use night creams and this is  too on the heavy side for me. Also I don't love the liquorice scent (well that's what my nose picks up). However I have been using this as a neck cream and can't really fault it. For normal to dry skin types I imagine this is a nice cream to use at night and even more so for ageing skin. But sadly this isn't a product that suits me. 

 Gardeners Hand Cream (£7.99 - 75ml)
Give me a zingy invigorating product any day of the week! This is a new product for me and one I instantly loved. The Lime, basil and rosemary scent does seem an odd combination but trust me when I say this works! The zingy hit of lime with the minty basil is a perfect combination and one that quite addictive to apply - I literally do smell my hands after I've rubbed this in. This also feels quite a hydrating and soothing cream with an interesting concept of using the cream before and after working in the garden... something I will be trying out come next spring when I plant bulbs. I have many hand creams so I really wasn't expecting to love this as much as I have done. I'm just a sucker for anything remotely zingy and fresh smelling. 

All in all this is a wonderful set of  Organic Surge's best products and ideal for someone that already loves the brand or just loves natural based products that are high in quality. Also really worth getting at the moment with the extra free night cream! 

If you've tried Organic Surge I'd love to know what your favourite product is from them. Mine has to be the Sweet Blossom Body Cream... the scent really is perfection! 

Fee xo. 

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