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If I'd had my head in gear this post would have been my monthly favourites... because they are after all, products I've been loving throughout November. But when editing these pics I totally forgot that we're already into December! So basically these are my monthly favourites. 

Long winded and boring intro aside. The above are products I literally went around my room picking up based on how much I've been using them. So these have all been essentials for me in November and I'm sure will carrying onto be. Hope you enjoy...


W7 The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher 
£3.99 - Amazon here or £2.99 - eBay here 
Warm winter blushers are my thang. If I can find a warm blusher that almost looks like a light bronzer then I'm happy and The Honey Queen Blusher is just that for me! First let me assure you that W7 products, though mostly copy-cat products, are great quality and are of similar standard to good high street makeup brands. Next let to gush about how much I've been loving this product since Autumn. This is the perfect shade if you want that slightly bronzed warm glow to your face and can be worn on the apples of the cheeks or slightly higher up and onto the temples. Also this blends and stays on the skin really well indeed. Very similar to Benefit's box blushers but at a snip of the price - a big thumbs up from me! 

Real Techniques Cheek Brush 
Part of 5 piece set - £20.00 Amazon here
Another favourite from last month and I'm sure for a long time to come is a wonderful check/blusher brush from Real Techniques Nic Picks Set (full review here). I love all the brushes in the set and think it's amazing value for money but this brush is just the most perfect shape for apply blusher or bronzer. I initially used this with my favourite blusher - the Balm Frat Boy but then decided to use it with the above blusher as I wanted to get the most out of the slightly tapered shade and use the brush higher up on the cheeks. This works perfectly with this kind of blusher/bronzer and now I think it could possibly be my favourite cheek brush. Highly recommend the RL Nics Picks Set while it's at only £20! 


The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm 
Now this is a bit of an old favourite that was limited edition last Christmas I'm sure. But one that has been re-package this year into a tin and is called Frosted Cranberry Lip Balm (£4.00 - here). Yes, I prefer the dome shape of the lip balm above and the packaging but it's really all about the scent and the sheer red tint. Cranberry is such a festive scent so this is instantly a little Christmas treat for your bag but also the red tint looks lovely on all lips. Worth picking up if you're in The Body Shop looking for gifts this month. 

Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil 
£14.99 - Boots here 
As I've mentioned before the Super Facialist range is one of my favourite skincare brands to buy from. If you are looking for high quality ingredients that are similar to that of more expensive ranges then SF is for you. This month I got in to pampering myself a bit more and using this Facial Oil after a quick first cleanse and then removing it with a 2nd cream cleanse. Not only is this truly relaxing to massage over the skin but it helps unclog the skin I've found, especially in areas where I'm prone to getting under the skin spots - making my skin look bright and clearer. But this really became a true love of mine when I had the most horrendous cold last week, I was feeling rubbish and to the point where I was thinking it could be a sinus infection. So after a warm shower I laid down and massaged this into my face. Not only did it give life back to my skin and sorted out my sore skin around my nose but the sinus pressure was revealed so much. So I've now discovered this to be quite a multi-purpose product and one that is perfect for really relaxing with or if you are suffering from winter lackluster skin. 


Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in Fair 
£5.49 - Boots here 
A full coverage concealer for under the eyes is a must for me come winter and this heavy duty under eye concealer from Seventeen does the job perfectly. It may have taken me awhile to stray from my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but I finally admitted that it just wasn't lasting under my eyes. So after reading many a review I decided to opt for the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint in the lightest shade, fair. This turned out to be the ideal product - slightly thick in formula and with a high coverage but without any a heavy/cakey look to it. Also this is a product that stays put all day! I'd love this to come in more shades as a slightly lighter shade would be perfect and I'm sure this product is ruled out for anyone with a darker skin tone than 'medium' but if you do have fair to medium skin then this concealer could be a winner if you are looking to conceal dark circles or under eye veins. 

Frozen Detangling Hair Spritz 
£1.00 - Poundland
Last but not least a hair care favourite. This is a total budget friendly find and a product I use every time I wash my hair! Since my hair is fairly processed from over dying and heated hair tools I find it can get incredibly knotty after washing, even with the best conditioner. My Tangle Tangle makes sure I'm not tugging and pulling out my hair but this detangling spray is a god send for teasing out awful knots and tangles. I simply spray this over the length of my hair after washing it and then brush my Tangle Teezer though. Without this I would be sat working through sections of my hair for much longer, so this saves on time and also cuts down on the stress I put my hair through. A bit of a miracle product here! 

Hope you've enjoyed my current favourites! I'd love to know what you've been loving recently. 

Fee xo. 

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