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It's always good to share the love, so today I thought I'd do just that by sharing with you the blogs I read the most. These are blogs I've been following for a long time and love to see how they grow and gain readers. 

Please feel free to leave your own most read blogs in the comments below so that I can check them out. 

I started reading Sailboat back in 2010 when it was primarily a beauty blog. I adored it back then but in the last 4 years I feel I've seen the journey of Jennie and her blog as it flourished into something quite unique and beautiful. One of my favourite things about Jennie's blog is her wonderful writing style which is a joy to read. I also love how open she is with her personal posts; being so honest always makes for a refreshing and often relatable read. Just a wonderful blog that I always make sure to read. 
 Blog posts you should read - All Jennie's lifestyle posts here.

Miss Budget Beauty 
Khila has to be the most hard working bloggers I know! With her Youtube channels, amazing blog and always something else going on she's a constant inspiration to do more! Khila is also a constant source of inspiration as to what to buy as her blog posts enable be so often. If you love budget/high street focused beauty blogs then without a doubt get over to Miss Budget Beauty.
Blog posts you should read - Khila is obsessed with Christmas (just like me) so watch out for lots of amazing Christmas posts come mid-November! 

Rotten Otter    
With a name like Rotten Otter I was frankly always going to love this blog! Yes, Katy's blog may be under the radar but it's everything I love in a blog and has that traditional blog feel but done so well (I hope that makes sense!). With large photos and easy to read posts I find myself checking out this blog most days in hope of a new post.
Blogposts you should read - Everything! Katy's blog is all about the photographs... she certainly knows how to use a camera. But if I had to chose it would be the skincare and nail posts.

Impression Blend 
This is a blog I've loved ever since I came across it over a year ago now. With a mix of beauty and lifestyle posts this is the kind of blog I love to read. I also feel like Marianna has similar tastes to myself which also helps! If you love a good mix of blog posts with super photography and even videos then 100% check out this wonderful blog and give this girl some well deserved love!
  Blog posts you should read - I always look forward to what her Five Things Friday will be here

Made By Girl 
Made By Girl is possibly the blog I've read for the longest time and actually inspired me to start my first ever blog which was an interior one called British Interiors (along with an informative blog called Property Investment Project; a great read for landlords/tenants). Jen Ramos the creator of Made By Girl is clearly one of those super creative people that is very driven and this shines through-out her blog. A great source of interior design inspiration along side food, style and even a few beauty posts. 

Blogposts you should read - MBG has such a mix of posts it's best just to browse through... but I do love the interior design posts the most.

Make sure to check out all the links and give these amazing blogs some love! 

Fee xo. 

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