Friday Favourites September #2


Friday is finally here again and as usual I have some lovely favourites to share with you. 

As I took the photos for this post I realised how much I'm loving my 'Friday Favourites' posts. It may have only started 3 weeks ago but I love this new set end to the week where I can share both beauty and lifestyle products I've been loving  - just a nice balance. So in a way this blog post series is a Friday favourite of mine! 

The Time Traveler's Wife 
£6.79 - Amazon here  
 This is my current read and even though I've been taking my time (the way it's wrote is perfect for picking up and reading a few pages of) I've been thoroughly enjoying it. This is like no other book I've read for I guess it's time travelling structure and even though that sounds like it would be hard to grasp it really isn't and quite an easy read. Also I'm loving the love story that's real and gripping. Just a perfect read for the earlier nights or tucked up in bed. 

Free Printable Calendar 
from Coco and Mingo here 
I'm one of those people that look at free printables online and love them but then never actually print them out. But finally I have done - woohoo! This is a lovely simple calendar from Coco & Mingo that you can chose to print out just the remaining months of the year so I have 5 calendar months printed which I'm going to buy a nice clip board for and hang in my makeup room. Think I will definitely be printing out more free printables from now on especially for Halloween and Christmas! 

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner
£14.80 - Escentual here
Finally I have found a primer that is also skincare and won't be breaking me out from daily use! I've been using this product for 3 weeks now and pretty much use it every time I wear makeup, on a instant level it works great as a light primer to diffuse unsightly pores and leaves a matte finish to apply foundation onto. But what I'm loving most about this is that it's actually making my skin less combination/oily and my some of my larger pores have actually become smaller! I really didn't think I'd be that amazed by this product but finally my primer problems are over. 

Reese's Flavoured Lip Balm 
£1.50 - Primark  
I have a vast array of lipbalms that I really don't need and this is my latest one which I'm obsessed with. Novelty lipbalms can be very hit and miss but this is a goody with an amazing sugary chocolate/peanut taste/scent. Also it does a pretty good job of keeping your lips soft. I've found myself apply this constantly this week... especially when I'm hungry! 


Sleek Blusher in 'Rose Gold'
£4.49 - Superdrug here or in-store
I mentioned in a recent post that Sleek Rose Gold blush was my favourite blusher for autumn as it's so warming to the skin with a lovely shimmer - perfect for wearing higher on the cheeks so that the glow highlights the cheekbones. So this week I've began using it again and I'm straight back to loving it. Sleek offer some great blushers, another favourite is 'Pomegranate', that are well worth £4.49 each.

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in 'Sweet Plum'
£16.70 - Escentual here
Another makeup favourite is this beautiful Clarins lipstick that's a great transitional shade from summer to autumn. I love all Clarins lipstick formulas as they are so pigmented and comfortable to wear and this doesn't disappoint. A lovely juicy shade with a high shine that makes the lips look fully. Certainly a new handbag essential.

Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend! 

Fee xo.

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