Autumn Comforts Wish List 2014


Colder days are creeping around the corner and I for one am excited about that fact. I enjoy summer but I love nothing more than feeling cosy and a little excited for Halloween and Christmas! But no talk of the holidays just yet as there are more than enough new products to suffice my buying needs at the moment! 

Here are just a few products that I'm eager to get my hands on for Autumn...

Sarah Waters The Paying Guests
£8.00 Hardback - Amazon here
Nothing says autumn like a new book. Especially one you've been waiting to be released! The Paying Guests is Sarah Waters latest book that I'm so looking forward to. I've loved many of her previous books and by the synopsis of her latest books I really don't think I will let down at all. An intriguing and vivid read that I can't wait to get hold of. 

Le Creuset Mug in Cerise
£13.00 - John Lewis here
Another thing that feels very autumnal is a chunky mug, though I have more than enough mugs for my non-great love of hot drinks. However come colder months I do enjoy the odd creamy coffee or hot ribena so I feel a new mug is allowed. The red Le Creuset mug has been something I've been tempted to buy a few times but decided against due to the price tag. However I've decided that it's a staple mug that I need in my collection i.e I want to be frivolous. 

A Little Princess - Puffin in Bloom Edition
£9.00 Hardback - Amazon here 
Back to books with a very special one from the new Puffin in Bloom series which features four classic reads all illustrated by the wonderful illustrator and founder of Rifle Paper Co; Anna Rifle Bond. All the covers just look so beautiful and unique and would make a perfect gift for a book lover. Out of the four titles my favourite would have to be A Little Princess which I'm now more eager to read as only yesterday I re-watched the DVD version and loved it all over again. Also I discovered that the title was actually published in 1905 which I find amazing.  

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 
£8.99 - Boots here 
On to makeup now with Bourjous liquid lipsticks that have been oh so raved about by bloggers in the past few months. What appeals to me the most with these is the formula which is apparently comfortable to wear but just doesn't budge - perfect for me as I always fear my lipstick is everywhere with a statement lip. These are a bit more than I'd like to pay (yes, I'm a scrooge) but hopefully I will be able to find them on a 'buy 1 get one half price' offer as I really want 'Grand Cru' and 'Frambourjois' (shades seen in image above) both perfect shades for autumn/winter.

Rimmel Velvet Matte Nail Polish 
£4.49 - Boots here
New onto the shelves from Rimmel are a range of softer matte nail polishes that I didn't expect to love but after seeing swatches want to snap them all up! The velvet matte effect is just slightly softer than standard matte nail polishes and the shades just scream autumn/winter. Very tempted with 'Sumptuous Red' a perfect oxblood shade and 'Midnight Kiss' a chic dark navy. 
Village Candle in Brownie Delight 
£12.99 - eBay here
Last but not least I had to feature the most heavenly candle I have ever smelt... I actually don't know how I walked away without buying it (don't worry I bought it online the next day). The candle is from a company I've never heard of before but they are U.S based and apparently give Yankee Candles a run for their money, which I can totally see. I of course smelt the whole range but as soon as I came across Brownie Delight I was in love... I've just literally never smelt a candle that's so true to scent before. It literally smells like the Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Brownies by sister bakes at Christmas which are just a-mazing. Can't wait to get burning this now! 

Hope you've enjoyed this very autumnal wish list. 

Fee xo.   

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