Everyday Makeup Reorganise


The other day after noticing just how mucky my Muji Drawers had gotten with makeup fingerprints I decided to have a total re-organise and clean of my everyday makeup. One hundred Dettol wipes later and 20% less makeup I had my Muji Drawers looking like new again and a much more organised collection. 

Previously some of the drawers were stuffed full and I really wasn't using a lot of it. However I thought about the order in which I wanted my makeup to go and was ruthless when it came to foundations that were too dark and eyeshadows I hadn't used in years. I'm so pleased I decided to have a reorganise just in time for the new season and I thought I'd share with you what my everyday makeup collection now looks like as I love when other bloggers show their makeup collections!


My most stuffed drawer was the one that housed my favourite blushers so I thought I'd be wise and give myself two drawers. I now love the second drawers down with all my lovely boxed and compact blushers... Benefit and the Balm really do the most gorgeous packaging! As for the top drawer it contains my favourite Sleek blushers for Autumn, Rose Gold and Pomegranate, and lots of other blushers I've been recently using. 

The other drawer that was incredibly stuffed full, so much so it wouldn't close it fully, was my foundation drawer. I was still holding onto foundations that were slightly too dark for me but could just get away with in summer and also way too many BB creams that I wasn't that impressed with... so this was definitely the drawer I really scaled down on. I now have a much smaller collection of foundations to pick in a range of coverages to suit my skins needs - Max Factor Xperience and L'Oreal Eau De Teint Foundation (light coverage), Bourjois CC Cream and L'Oreal Skin Perfection BB (medium coverage) and Seventeen Stay Time (full coverage). I also have a pretty the Balm bronzer in the corner there.


This is a bit of a mixed drawers but still an organised one with primers on the left and powders on the right. All my favourite primers I made sure to put at the front with - Laura Mercier, Maybelline and NYX. I also have two of my favourite brightening highlighter powders at the front from MUA and Bourjois and my trusty L'Oreal BB Powder and Benefit Powder to the back.

For my eyeshadow drawer I had to be ruthless as I had way too many single eyeshadows I never used or had dried up. I now have a lovely selection of shades for autumn that I know will tempt me to use over using the same eyeshadow palette over and over again. As for all my palettes I store them in a toast rack!

Mixed Compartments   
Instead of trying to store products that roll about in my Muji Drawer I decided to use this Muji Acrylic Pot with 3 compartments. In the left compartment I keep a small selection of eyeliners (as I really don't reach for anything but my favourites day-to-day) and brow products, in the middle - mascaras, with my favourites being the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara and L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara at the moment and in the right compartment my most used concealers... I'm sure you can spot the Collection Lastion Perfection Concealer there.

Also on top of my Muji drawers I have my tiered acrylic lipstick storage which you can find on eBay here for only £2.99 (the best and cheapest storage I've ever purchased), my favourite loose powder from Clarins, two gorgeous Sara Happ lip products and my much raved about Tony Moly Egg Pore Primer. 

I'm so glad I've downsized my everyday makeup and everything looks so clean and new again.

Hope you've enjoyed having a snoop at my collection! 

Fee xo.

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