eBay Bargains #1

Ebay Bargains 1 

 The other day I realised just how long it had been since I've done an eBay wishlist... 3 months?! But this has no correlation to my spending habits as I still seem to buy something weekly from eBay... I've just got out of the loop of writing the posts! 

So to get back on track, as I love finding great bargains, I thought I'd start a bit of a new series. Here are my favourite eBay Bargains this week...

1. East of India Quote Bookmarks (£2.39 here) - I'm totally in love with reading at the moment but I'm one of those readers that use anything and everything as a bookmark... currently it's a piece of cardboard from a dog food box (monkey covering it's eyes emoji!). So this lovely bookmark it a lot more suitable. Tons of different sayings/quotes available - the above one I've already snapped up! 

2. Large Wool Tartan Scarf/Wrap (£3.98 here) - I love a good tartan scarf come Autumn/Winter and this looks the perfect size and colour. Also love the fringing. Again lots of different patterns available... I'm even thinking these are large enough to drape over a sofa arm as a throw/blanket.

3. Cut Out Buckle Boots (£14.99 here) - Cut-out boots are very in at the moment and I'm so pleased by this as most have a nice block heel that makes them so easy to walk in. The above pair just look so chic with the gold hardware, especially to the back of the heel. Plus what a bargain! I'm sure these will be mine by the end of the month.

4. Seagrass Storage Basket (£4.99 here) - A bit of a random one here but one I thought I'd include none the less. I came across this and instantly thought how nice it would look with bath/body products in in a bathroom, especially as it's a great size at 38cm in length. I already have a small sea grass basket to keep cleansers and moisturiser in next to my sink and it's lasted amazingly well.

5. Sally Hansen 'Twinkle Toes-ty' & 'Coppy Penny' (£2.49 each here) - An eBay post for me wouldn't be complete without some type of nail product! These wonderful Sally Hansen nail polishes caught my eye as I'm such a sucker for anything glittery. Twinkle Toes-ty just looks amazing and isn't a shade I've ever seen before as for Copper Penny is just the perfect autumnal glitter. 

Hope you've enjoyed this eBay post!

Fee xo.
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