Under £3 Current Must-Haves!


With highstreet beauty prices often on the steep side it's sometimes nice to seek out a few beauty bargains and come home with change from £10! 

That's exactly what I did last week and was so pleased with the quality of the products I picked up. So it really goes to show how I need to have more faith in cheaper beauty brands instead of feeling deflated by £14.00 high street foundations in Boots!

So here are a mix of new releases and older products that are certainly worth trying... all at under £3!


Nine neutral eyeshadows for £2.99 - I was instantly sold. This great medium sized palette was the first thing that went into my basket without any hesitation. I'm a nude palette lover and this budget offering of matte, shimmery and pearl eyeshadows really pleased me. So far I've been totally ignoring the step-by-step numbered guide but for beauty novices I could see it being really handy, my favourite shades as you may be able to see are numbers 1 & 2 of the middle row and number 3 of the top row... but really all the shades are so usable. Pigmentation is pretty good when used with quality makeup brushes and fall-out is minimal. The only downside is the cheap cardboard packaging... and the highlighter is too thick and a bit rubbish but them things really are by-the-by when everything else is spot on!

If you just can't resist more neutral eyeshadows then give this a go and I'm certain you will be surprised at how much use to get out of it. And if you are still fairly new to makeup then literally get this ASAP - you will love it! 
Available - Boots here or in-store


Ahhh NYC, how you always do me proud! The Blushable Cream Sticks had been on my radar for the past month or so though I'd strangely not read any reviews but a cream blush for under £2 was a no-brainier for me... I'm actually wondering why I didn't pick up both shades in the range now. I opted for brighter and matte of the two and was totally blown away at the pigmentation... I mean just look at  how vivid that single swipe is! As you can imagine a light tough is needed which can be blended out with either a buffing brush or just your finger tips. The finish is free from shimmer and a cream to powder so it lasts fairly well on the skin for most of the day. There's nothing to fault with this product... you even get an impressive 11g of product - crazy! 
Available - Superdrug here or in-store


 Whenever I'm food shopping in Tesco I make sure to check out the Barbara Daly stand for bargains - most products are full price but strangely there will be the odd one or two products priced much cheaper (without stating they are reduced). On my last trip I managed to pick up quite a few products priced at £1.50-£2.00 with the lipstick above being my favourite buy. I'm all about nude lipsticks so was interested to try out this slightly frosty looking neutral. Thankfully this isn't a frost finish but one with very subtle shimmer that makes the lips appear dewy, something I really like. I'm sure from store to store reduced Barbara Daly products will differ but if any of the lipsticks are around £2.00 then they are worth a buy. 
Available - Tesco in-store 

When I heard Aussie had come out with a range of dry shampoos I was there! I was kind of hoping for bubblegum scented like their 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner (I was let down) but was pleased to see them catering for different hair types. I decided to pick up the smaller size for fine, limp hair as my un-washed hair always seems to lack volume and I do have pretty fine hair at the roots. Personally I feel like this specific product combines two products in one by making the hair look fresh like any dry shampoo should but also working like a volumising hairspray/backcombing spray. This gives great effects by lifting and volumising the hair at the roots and staying like that but I find because it almost feels like a hair spray you definitely need to wash your hair the next day. Regardless of that I'm totally hooked because it transforms my limp and lank hair amazingly well. I'm sorry Batiste but I've definitely strayed. 
Available - Boots here or in-store

Discovering such bargains has without a doubt restored my faith in budget high street brands.

I may have to make this a regular feature - super cheap product recommendations are very welcome!

Fee xo.

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