Marie Claire Magazine Freebie - Mini Ghost Eclipse Roll-On


A quick little post today to show my love of this month's freebie from Marie Claire. Ghost Eclipse EDT Roll-on 3ml is the free gift and I'm totally in love! 

Not only does the roll-on feature a beautiful ombre glass bottle with gold screw top but the fragrance itself is just lovely! The scent is sweet and summery with notes of peach, orange and a touch of musk (these are the notes my nose picks up) with impressive longevity on the skin. Something I could see most people enjoying. Also if you do love it, it's thankfully not a perfume with an eye-watering price tag at £21 for 30ml. 

I've been using this all week but plan to save half for my holiday away later in the year as I'm only taking hand luggage so a mini perfume is essential!

You can pick up Marie Claire UK for £3.90 featuring Jessica Alba to the cover from supermarkets and newsagents right now. 

Fee xo.

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