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More summer essentials today of the random variety! Still slightly beauty based but with a few non-beauty products thrown in there as I feel I love so many things come summer time. 

Also I realised the other day how much I enjoy writing summer related posts so if you have any ideas for summer theme posts let me know in the comments!

Crazy Rumors Bubble Gum Lip Balm 
£3.50 - Holland & Barrett here 
I'm such a fan of lip balms and with trying so many I discovered the most effective ones are ones with natural ingredients - they just work. Crazy Rumors is my favourite low-cost natural brand for lip balms (I have around 5 now) as they are effective at nourishing the lips but also come in so many amazing flavours. My current summer favourite is Bubble Gum as it's just so yummy. However when the sun is shining I always make sure to apply a lip balm with SPF, because that odd tight sensation that the lips can get is actually sunburn! My favourite lip balms with SPF are the Maybelline Baby Lips with SPF 20 that you can find in a lot of pound stores at the moment!


Original Tangle Teezer 
£10.50 - Selfridges here 
I use my Tangle Teezer all year round every time I wash my hair as it's such a godsend of a product to tease out tangles. But come holidays where I'm swimming I literally couldn't be without it. This plus a detangle spray, I'm currently using a Disney Detangler (I maybe bought it because Ariel was on the front!), works such a dream on wet tangly hair. Both products reduce hair damage that tugging on tangles can do, plus the detangle spray works as a heat protectant as well. 

Kindle Ink Display Reader 
£59.00 - Amazon here 
As a lover of reading I went through 4 books on my last holiday which as you can imagine weighed down my suitcase - a lot (I actually had to leave some behind). So this summer I finally succumb to the fact that a Kindle in my life would be pretty handy. Initially I thought it would just be practical for future holidays however since getting it I've been obsessed with reading free samples and have discovered the joy of reading outside without the whiteness of a page blinding me! Also so many books are cheaper on Kindle, take my last read 'We Were Liars' (which I would recommend as an easy summer read) Paperback - £5.59 vs. Kindle - £2.99 here. This really has already been a summer essential.

Dove Maximum Protection Cucumber & Green Tea Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream 
On Offer £4.30 - Boots here or most supermarkets 
Since the dawn of time I have been an aerosol deodorant kind of girl but a year or so ago I was sent a PR sample of this deodorant and was instantly converted. I still use aerosol sprays but come summer months or holidays this is a must. Unlike other deodorants this literally gives the maximum protection it states. Apply before bed and the next day sweating just won't be a thing in your life. Also as so little is needed the 45ml tub lasts well over a month. Deodorant is a pretty boring pick I will admit but this actually impressed me and is such a summer essential of mine. 

Fentiman's Traditional Rose Lemonade 
£1.19 - Waitrose, Sainsbury's
Last but not least I had to mention my favourite summer time drink! I'm so not a hot drinks person so I'm all about finding amazing refreshing cold drinks, I love Lipton's Lemon Ice Tea but for something that bit more special I love, love, love Fentimans Rose Lemonade. The bottled drink is perfectly fizzy and with just a hint of rose... may seem odd but it just works, trust me. Also the small individual bottles are perfect for a picnic, albeit a posh one!

Hope you have enjoyed finding out what my summer essentials are! You can see my Summer Beauty Essentials here

Fee xo.

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