Glamour Mag with Clinique Freebies Out Now!


 Just a quick post to start off the week to remind you about the wonderful Clinique freebies with this month's Glamour Magazine. 

My reason for reminding you 1. All the Chubby Sticks will be gone within 24 hours no doubt 2. If they aren't gone they will be stolen out of their packets, which is the same as gone I guess (really, who does that?). 

So this is your early morning warning to get to a shop a-sap if you want to get your hands on the free Chubby Sticks... well for £2 including a magazine with a peculiar looking Ellie Goulding to the front cover. Above is Super Strawberry which is a lovely light berry tint but there is also Woppin' Watermelon which I intend to get my hands on! The other two freebies include a miniature Clinique mascara (always handy for travelling or just trying out) and the Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion. 

There are lots of other great makeup freebies this month which you can find out about here

Fee xo.

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