Models Own New Summer 2014 Launches


Models Own have recently launched a few new nail polishes just in time for summer. I personally love them all so thought I'd do a round-up style post and feature them all with nail swatches! 

First up we have two new summer appropriate nail polishes in the Fruit Pastel collection, an amazing multi-coloured dotty top coat and a handy Top Coat in the HyperGel range.


HyperGel Top Coat 
£8.00 - Models Own website here 
First up an all new top coat from Models Own! I'm personally really pleased to see this as I've never got on with the original top coat from Models Own which seems to have a slight blue tone to it that alters the shade of any nail polish underneath (most noticeable with light nail polish shades). However so far with this new top coat I really can't fault it! As this is part of the HyperGel collection it is slightly thicker than a normal top coat but for that reason it reminds me of the consistency of Seche Vite. As you can see below with my nail swatch of MO Coconut Cream the top coat gives a lovely glossy finish and makes the polish appear thicker and gel-like.

My only negative would be the price tag as I feel it's slightly overpriced as  you can actually purchase Seche Vite for around £6!


Peach Melba Fruit Pastel Collection
£5.00 (95p p&p) - Amazon here
 Finally a creamy pastel tangerine shade. I've been after a shade like this for the longest time as is just such a lovely shade for summer on both the fingers and toes. This does have a peach scent but I do find it dwindles down to a more normal nail polish scent within a few hours of application. As for the formula this does take time to apply with 3 thin coats as if you just slap it on you can find yourself with gloopy nails that won't full dry! But as you can see if you stick to thin coats the finish is smooth and even. A great shade for summer especially against dark skin tones or if you have a tan!

Coconut Cream Fruit Pastel Collection
£5.00 (95p p&p) - Amazon here
 Coconut Cream is a slightly off-white with a punch of a scent! I love all white nails so was interested to try out a white nail polish that wasn't so bright however unless you compare the nails to a stark white piece of paper or a normal white nail polish you really can't notice a difference. So if you are after a white nail polish I'd suggest going for an opaque French Manicure White. However if you love scented nail polishes then this is the one to go for as oh my does this have a scent to it! This smells just like Malibu (which I love!) and is such a strong scent that you can really notice it throughout the day. Maybe not for everyone but this just makes me think of beach holidays! 

Models_own_microdots_nail _swatches

Microdots Top Coat 
£5.00 (95p p&p) - here 
Rainbow polka dots for the nails! To try this out I applied it over Peach Melba but this definitely would suit a lighter pastel shade or even a black a lot more. As you can see two coats of the multi-coloured matte dots gives good coverage yet doesn't make the nails look thick - always important. I feel this is just such a unique top coat for the high street (if you can find it in Boots) and one that almost gives the nails a slightly retro look somehow. Also I've been seriously mesmerised by the thousands of dots in the bottle! 

Models Own have been coming out with such great product this year. 

What do you love the look of here?

Fee xo.

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