5 Beauty Products I Just Don't Get!

Ever come across or tried a beauty product and just thought.... why? This happens to me quite often so I thought I would offload my inner grumblings onto your screen and share with you 5 beauty products I just cannot understand!

Nail Wraps 
I love the idea of nail wraps and all the designs available, but the reality is they just aren't practical or everyday friendly. I've tried many times to apply nail wraps and even when I apply them perfectly within the hour they are peeling away either at the sides or tips of the nails to reveal the sticky underside that attracts lint and general dirt (bluergh). Also when this happens, and it always does, don't even think about running your fingers through your hair as you will feel that annoying tug as the sticky underside of a peeling nail wrap latches onto a strand of hair! This also makes washing your hair a nightmare with a full set of slightly peeling nail wraps. I'd love to know if any of you have found a brand of nail wraps that doesn't do this! 

Stick-on Eyeliner Flicks
Another stick-on kinda product that just baffles me. Yes, I get that these are for people that can't apply liquid eyeliner all that well or for someone that wants a more dramatic look... but I really cannot see this working or feeling comfortable on the eyelids. 1. If you can master applying stickers that require to be perfectly in line with your lashline then you can master using a gel eyeliner pen 2. I can only imagine the stickers to feel like the worst tugging liquid liner (you know the kind, the liquid liner that starts to pull and feel strangely tight as it dries). Also eyes squint and crease if you are smiling or laughing and I can't see a sticker on your eyelids staying put. I think I'd prefer worn off eyeliner over a dangling down eyeliner sticker that resembles a spiders leg any day of the week?!

21st Century Mascara Wands
I'm holding Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Mascara fully responsible for this. Mascara wands now look more like mini torture devices than something that is meant to fit the natural curve of the lashes and go near the eye. It's like brands have realised that only so much can be developed with a mascara formula so have taken the easy (and cheaper) root of creating weirdly shaped wands to entice consumers. I've tried a few oddly shaped mascara wands now and none seem to perform any better due to their shape and are quite awkard if anything! A standard or curved wand will do me just fine.

Eyebrow Stencils 
I'm talking about those weird pieces of clear plastic that you are supposed to hold over your own eyebrows as you fill in your brows.  1. How awkward?! First you have to make sure you don't slip and move it slightly #monobrow 2. Surely it's better to follow your natural brow shape but tweak it slightly to get the shape you want? I've tried eyebrow stencils in the past but it's just way too much effort and never gives a natural look. I'd love to know if any of you use them to any success though!

Cuticle Nippers
Last but not least a device that makes my fingers recoil in horror. Mainly used in beauty salons, cuticle nippers or trimmers are used to remove the entire cuticle - Why? For a more aesthetic look apparently! Just typing that makes me cringe at the thought of having no cuticles. Looking at my own cuticles they are clearly a barrier between my nail and nail root and without them it would be a point of entry for bacteria that could lead to a nasty infection developing! Not only does this risk jump out at me when I see nails with the cuticles removes but I also don't think they look nice as the skin around the nails looks bigger without that bridge of a cuticle that also subtly frames the nails. As long as you keep your cuticles moisturised with either a hand cream or cuticle oil they should always look nice and you should never ever want to remove them! 

As I've ranted so much in this post, I'd love, love, love to hear what beauty products or trends you don't understand either! 

Fee xo. 

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