Oh My Haul - Superdrug April/May 2014


Superdrug isn't a place I often shop, mainly because when I'm shopping there seems to be a Boots closer by than a Superdrug. However after months and months of wanting a few products from MUA and the Sleek Contour Kit I decided to place an online order. 

I strictly only shop online where there is free delivery so I was glad to see Superdrug now offer free delivery over £10 orders! I filled my basket with so many great products that I thought I would share my online shopping with you. 


Amazing Barry M Nail Polishes
Ahhhhh Barry, you have gone and done it again! I feel we need to take a moment of silence to just appreciate just how beautiful these three nail polishes are. I mean which is a girl to try out first?! The new Barry M Aquarium collection had me wanting them all but I decided to be savvy and look for swatches and then knew I only need Arabian (£3.99 here) and Treasure Chest (£3.99 here). These are just two unique polishes that I know I will be in love with over summer... I also adore the golden fish scale tops. 

As for the special Barry M Pink Glitter (£2.99 here) this is a limited edition for Superdrug's 50th Birthday, so I knew it would be hard to find in a few months, so I snapped it up as my free product in the 3 for 2 offer. This is like a jelly sandwich nail effect (where you sandwich a glitter nail polish in between a base coat and top coat of a sheer jelly nail polish) in a bottle that is super girly and fun!


Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light 
£6.49 here 
After reading a post by Andrew from Beauty and The Boy on his favourite drugstore products and spotting the Sleek Contour Kit was one of this picks, I wondered how I still hadn't got my hand on it! I love Sleek products and contouring but many a time I have looked for the contour kit in Superdug and it's forever sold out. So I was more than pleased to see it in stock online. I really have high hopes for this especially as Andrew knows his stuff!

Palmer's Strong Roots Spray 
£3.49 here
I couldn't resist at least one impulse buy with a product I have heard zero about. This unique product is actually a spritz for your scalp once you have washed your hair which aims to aid circulation and energises the scalp. The scent of this is also really different with the traditional Palmer's coconut scent mixed with mint. I'll be sure to review this once I've properly tried it out.

L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo 
£5.99 here
As I placing an online order I thought I would repurchase my favourite shampoo as I know I will be running out of it soon enough. This has to be the most perfect high street shampoos I have ever tried. Most importantly for me it is SLS-free but it's also so nourishing on dry hair, foams a dream and smells like a heavenly coconut/sensual fragrance. I'm always tempted to try the other shampoos in the same range but this is just so perfect I don't want to stray from it.


MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation in Porcelain
Reduced £3.00 here
 Finally a new MUA purchase! This has been a foundation that I have wanted to try for so many months now but again, on my rare trips to Superdrug it has always been sold out. So far I have just given it a quick try on one side of my face... I like to do this initially with foundations to compare how much better it makes my skin look and how different or similar it is to my natural skin colour. This thankfully is quite a good match for my skin which is fairly pale, it does have a yellow undertone but a lot less so than Bourjois foundations. The main thing I noticed was how this covers redness really well and is also quite similar to a BB cream but with a slightly higher coverage. I can see this being a winner! Review to come I'm sure.

MUA Power Pout Lipstick in Rendezvous 
£3.00 here
After being obsessed with two of the brighter shades in the Power Pout range I decided I needed more in my life and to try out the nude shade. However this may be the strangest lip product I have come across in that it is nothing like the colour of the product in the packaging. I was expecting a nude tint but on the lips this is most definitely a muted pink shade. I even looked at the tip of the lip crayon to see if there was a more pink tone revealed after using the top layer... but no. I wish I had swatched this now just to show what I'm babbling on about. Still a lovely shade but nothing like what I was expecting. 

Nail posts featuring the Barry M nail polishes to come soon! 

Fee xo.

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