10 Budget Perfumes for Spring


 Come a new season I love to treat myself to a few new fragrances, but with the price of most high-end perfumes it would be quite indulgent of me! So over the last few years I have been opting for more purse friendly perfumes and asking for more luxury scents come birthdays and Christmas. 

So here are my personal top 10 favourite budget perfumes for spring/summer that I currently own or have tried in the past... all with a savvy price tag! 

 Side note - Please bear in mind that I'm awful at describing scents.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely 30ml/EDP (£9.95 - Amazon here) - Without a doubt my go-to spring scent. This has been a favourite of mine for years now, due to the wonderful powdery floral scent of it that you literally want to describe as 'lovely'. Feminine and floral and just perfect for spring.

Bronnley Orange & Jasmine 100ml/Eau Fraiche (£6.99 - Amazon here) - A surprising good bitter sweet perfume here that is excellent value for money. The scent smells exactly like freshly cut open oranges with slightly floral notes to balance it out. When I wear this it just smells so fresh and uplifting. Doesn't last amazingly well but for under £7.00 for  a huge 100ml you really don't need to worry about how much you use.

Paul Smith Floral 30ml/EDP (£12.99 - Boots here) - I'm such a fan of Paul Smith fragrances which are generally more expensive but this seems to have always been under the £15 mark. Not my favourite scent as there is so much going on with floral notes and citrus ones but this really does remind me of a garden in summer with all the different scents combining. A young scent that is perfect if you want something heady for summer.

Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice 30ml/EDT (£16.00 - Amazon here) - A sharp and sparkling floral on first spritz with this one that soon dies down to a warm sparkling floral thats great for everyday wear in spring and on cooler summer days as it just smells so clean.

Maurer & Wirtz 4711 25ml/Ea de Cologne (£4.97 - Amazon here) - Maybe one of the most unique fragrance I have ever tried and one my nose should probably not like but it just does. This is super fresh with notes of lemon and orange but also aquatic which gives it a energising feel and also a unisex edge. Whenever I wear this in summer I feel like it's such a unique perfume that stands out... definitely worth having a smell of in Boots (always positioned with the cheaper/teen perfumes and body sprays).

The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Perfume Oil 15ml (£7.00 - TBS here) - Perfume Oils from TBS have to be one of my favourite ways to layer perfume and create a scent that truly lasts all day. This is a beautiful dusky rose scent that I apply to my pulse points and then apply Paul Smith Rose over the top of it to create the most amazing rose scent that lasts all day. I also do this with TBS Coconut Perfume Oil and Estee Lauder Sensuous.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist 100ml (£7.50 - TBS here) - A perfect white floral/gardenia scent here that smells like freshly cut meadow flowers. So fresh and uplifting, making it perfect for spring and in to summer. Other scents in The Body Shop Body Mist range are also worth checking out.

Jennifer Lopez Sunkissed Glow 30ml/EDT (£9.95 - Amazon here) - A dry scent for hot summer days. The bottle may have you thinking of a fruity tropical scent but for me this is a warm floral/fruit scent that is perfect for hot summer holidays and without any coconut for once!

Yardley Royal English Daisy 50ml/EDT (£4.99 - Fragrance Direct here) - Yardley isn't a brand I'd ever thought I'd like but this cheap scent surprised me! Think a fresh meadow in summer full of sweet flowers and grass. Yes, this smells grassy but that makes it so perfect for spring. Another scent that is definitely worth having a smell of in Boots on that dodgy cheaper perfumes shelf.

Cath Kidston Rose & Peony Body Mist 150ml (£8.00 - Amazon here) - Super light and floral, this is a scent I like to spritz all over my clothes to make them smell nice... in fact I even use it on towels as it's such a good sized bottle. This doesn't have the best staying power but the floral scent is perfect for spring and I love the bottle design.

For dupes of more expensive fragrances Next and Lidl are worth checking out! Plus TK Maxx is great for discounted scents.

Would love to hear recommendations of any budget fragrance in the comments!

Fee xo.

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