Oh My Haul - Boots Skincare April 2014


A collective skin care haul today from multiple Boots visits - I've been a bit obsessed with that place lately!

Only last week I stumbled across a pretty amazing clearance shelf and snapped up some total bargains... I'm talking Avene products for £1?! Plus everything else in this haul either had money off or I used a receipt money off voucher - so quite a savvy haul here.


FrezyDerm Velvet Second Skin SPF 50+ Face Sun Screen
First up my favourite bargain product that I discovered on that magical clearance shelf. This was reduced to a mere £1 from £20.00?! Crazy, right? I obviously picked this up due to the price but also because I'm forever on the hunt for new facial sunscreens to try (I did make sure to check it was in date). With oily skin I find most sun protection products too thick especially under makeup and touch-up thoughout the day. But I think I may have gone and found the most amazing sunscreen here as this is more like a primer than anything else! Containing silicone this clear serum glides over the skin and feels nothing like any sun screen I've tried before. If I'd have known about this sunscreen before I definitely would have purchased it at full price as it really is something unique in the sun protection market. You can find the same sunscreen here on Amazon for £17.99 - not as cheap but it really is amazing.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream 
£10.50 - Boots here 
With a £2 off receipt for any Soap & Glory body product I decided to use it on the S&G Sugar Crush Body Butter as I've been loving using the matching body scrub in the shower. This is a huge 300ml tub that I'm sure will last me all through summer... and trust me this is the most perfect summer body product. All S&G Body Buttercreams are super moisturising but it is the smell of this for me. The sweet lime fragrance just smells so fresh and juicy and almost like a fizzy drink! Review of the both the body scrub and body butter to come in the next few weeks. 


Avene Gentle Toner for dry sensitive skin
Another £1 bargain! I struck lucky with my Avene buys on the Boots clearance shelf  and picked up some products I could slip into my skincare routine. This is an interesting toner for dry/very dry skin which I've been using in the past week over my forehead and on dry areas after removing my makeup. This thankfully doesn't feel greasy on my skin and so far, so good. Will be using it a few times a week to see if it makes a difference to my skin. You can find the Avene Gentle Toner here for £11.50.

Champneys Watermint Lotion Spritz 
From the clearance shelf I also picked up this interesting lotion spritz for £1. It was an impulse purchase if you can call it that for only £1 but I have more than enough moisturising body products. The thin lotion spritzed over the skin gives a nice cooling effect with a mint scent. I'm not too sure on the mint scent but this will make a nice cooling moisturising spray in summer on legs and feet. Find the Watermint Lotion Spritz here for £4.67.
Yes To Cucumber 30 Soothing Facial Wipes 
£3.99 - £3.99 Boots here 
Over the past few months I have totally eradicated face wipes from my skincare routine but I decided to try some more natural wipes when I spotted these were£1 off. I love the Yes To range for mild products that are free from a lot of common nasties so I'm hoping I will like these.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 
Reduced to £2.99 - Boots here 
Micellar Water is now my go-to makeup remover to pre-cleanse my face so I just had to picked this up at the beginning of April. Compared to other Micellar Water solutions this is a huge bottle and just as good as all the rest. It instantly removes eye makeup and literally feels like water on the skin - perfect!

Avene Cleanance Cleansing Water 
My other Avene skin care bargain was this large 400ml bottle of Cleanance Cleansing Water that is aimed at blemish-prone skin. This was again only £1 but actually retails for £16.00 at Boots here, so it was an incredible saving. So far I've been enjoying using this when my skin has felt a bit rubbish but it definitely seems overpriced (at full price) compared to standard micellar water.

Now on a strict skin care ban as my bathroom cabinet is overflowing! 

Fee xo. 

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