5 Beauty Blogs Worth Bookmarking this Spring


I've been massively feeling the love recently - on here and on Twitter! So I thought I would do a nice share-y kind of post with a handful of blogs I've recently discovered and now love.

I always make sure I look at a blog when someone leaves me a comment with also their blog link or if I speak to someone nice on Twitter I will go and check out their blog. So most of these discoveries are from that and the odd Bloglovin' find as well.

Berrie Blogs
 A lovely well thought out blog here that I've recently discovered and have since been reading backwards through the archives. I'm just in love with the fresh, bright images and the varying post topics. I can also relate Aeron's love of Dr Phil and obsession of sheer/baby pink lips. In fact I loved Aerin's recent tip of using concealer on the lips then a dab of lip tint in the centre to create baby pink ombre lips - amazing! 

Impression Blend
Another blog that I'm so in love with is Impression Blend run by Marianna. This blog has everything and ticks all my blog loves as a reader - large clear images, an interesting mix of beauty and non-beauty topics, amazing swatches and if that wasn't enough Marianna also does YouTube! A must read here!

Every Little Thing 07 

A simplistic beauty blog that offers refreshingly easy posts to read. I find myself checking it daily as the post are straight to the post and quite short... something I feel my own blog posts lack sometimes. This is also complimented with nice photos and a simple layout.

Bed in the Kitchen
Another blog that I'm super in love with at the minute.With daily posts, perfect images and my kind of makeup related post topics. Jaye also mentions such a wide range of high street and high end makeup which I love. Favourite posts from Bed in the Kitchen for last month have to be - The Boy On Lipstick, The Canadian Edit and Glossy Lip Picks.

Style & Splurging
Last but definitely not least a lovely beauty blog I'm slowly making my way back through - I love it that much. A perfect blog to read if you are a high street makeup girl at heart... it may not be good for your bank balance but this will certainly give you some great product recommendations. I also love Charlotte's This Week posts as they are more personal and just interesting!

Hope you have found some new blog reads here! 

Fee xo.

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