New Makeup Storage from Tesco!


Last month I randomly discovered some pretty stationary storage boxes in Tesco for only £12.00 each (Tesco Direct - here) and instantly decided they had to be my new makeup storage solutions instead of the Muji Drawers I was planning on purchasing.

The pretty navy floral storage box consists of two deep drawers and even though constructed out of cardboard are super sturdy, so I knew I would be able to store quite a lot in them. Still this didn't stop me purchasing two as I wanted to be sure I had enough storage... and finally I do!


Instead of stacking the storage boxes likes my Muji Acrylic Drawers I decided to place them side by side as it looked better that way and easier to reach. As I had 4 large drawers to fill that could be messy as I liked I decided to fill the nearest set of drawers to where I sit and do my makeup with makeup products and the right hand side of drawers with skincare. 

Top drawer - Lip products
For the top drawer I decided to storage some of my favourite high end lipsticks - quite a few Clarins, MAC and others. Then on the other side a selection of lip crayons as I really can't get enough of them at the moment! Lip crayons/sticks are a product that I really don't think you need to pay a lot for so these are all high street ones.

Bottom drawer - Bronzers/Palettes
 More of a full drawer that houses a lot of my favourite palettes and larger bronzers. This made buying the storage drawers so worth it as finally I have somewhere to store larger palettes, even the large Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. To the front of the drawer I have 2 amazing products from the Kiko Life in Rio collection - the large bronzer is amazing (I'm sure I will be featuring it soon), palettes from NYX and Laura Mercier, plus my trusty HD Brows quad palette that is so multi-purpose. At the back of the drawer I have both the UD Naked 2 palette and Naked Basics palette, a Kiko eyeshadow palette I love and Bourjois Bronzing Powder which is another favourite.


For my skincare drawers these are nearly packed full but hold everything I need and more! Skincare products have always been something that didn't fit in my Muji clear drawers so I was sadly storing it all in multiple mismatch beauty boxes I'd collected that always looked messy. But finally I have somewhere to hide it all away!

Top drawer - Daily Skincare
This contains all my skincare favourites that I use in my daily skincare routine. The main bulk of the drawer is taken up with serums and moisturisers - No7, Bioderm, Heal Gel, Kiko, La Roche Posay and The Body Shop. Then to the back I keep eye cooling products, my favourite gel eyedrops from Lumecare, a sample pot of eye cream from Benefit and randomly some Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix pads. Then in the left corner I have a few of my favourite spot treatments. 

Bottom drawer - Extra Skincare
My skincare junk drawer here that I will dip into when I want to use something different or my skin requires something more moisturising. This contains mainly serums and moisturisers, a few eye creams and targeted skin care pens for pigmentation and fine lines. 

The storage drawers have really transformed my makeup desk and I'm finding it so much easier to keep it neat and tidy being able to store so much out of sight now. 

A purchase I'm really pleased with! 

Fee xo.

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