Lifestyle Favourites - April 2014


After last months Non-Beauty Favourites where I talked about all my random favourites of the past month I decided I would keep up these posts as I love so much more than just makeup! 

Again I have a random mix of things that cheered up a very rainy April.


Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
£7.03 - Amazon here 
This was a book that I was hesitant to start because I just couldn't imagine loving it from the synopsis. But with all the great reviews I thought I had to give it a chance. Within a weekend I had fallen in love with both main characters and finished the book. The reason why I think I loved the book so much and why it's had such rave reviews is how realistic the characters personalities are and how their relationship naturally developed. This is a tender and heartfelt read that finished too soon for me and would recommend it to anyone that loved The Fault in our Stars by John Green. Also loved that the book was set in the 80's with lots of music band references, Eleanor's quirky style and without the internet in sight!

90's Movies - Mrs Doubtfire/ My Girl 
£3.00 each - Amazon here & here
One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to watch a retro film that I use to love when I was younger. Last month I watched both My Girl and Mrs Doubtfire, two films I hadn't watched in a long time and I loved them both just as much! Mrs Doubtfire is such a funny film that had me laughing out loud and My Girl was even my gut wrenchingly sad than I remembered. I'm now building up a collection of all my old favourites and the good thing is they only cost £3-4 on Amazon! Next on my list to watch/buy - Big, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and Beethoven.


Primark Necklace 
£3.00 - In-store now 
Primark was a favourite in April as I managed to fit in three trips for lots of holiday clothes but my favourite buy was this necklace! I mean just look how pretty it is?! And it was only £3 - what a bargain. Primark's jewellery section I feel has gone down hill in the last year however there still are gems to be found, such as this one. I can never decide if I suit gold or silver jewellery so the mixed metal element of the necklace is great for me and it will go with other jewellery I'm wearing. This looks great over t-shirts and with vest tops and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it this summer. 


Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles
£10.00 - John Lewis here 
Never did I think I'd have expensive taste in chocolates but then I tried a tiny box of 3 Champagne Truffles from Charbonnel et Walker in a heart shaped box (great to give as a gift) and it was true love! Ever since I have been asking for a box every Birthday and Christmas. However I amazingly came across a reduced box in Tesco for only £5?! I've never been a fan of alcoholic chocolates but these are just perfection and so rich. These only lasted two days but I savoured every single one!

King Velvet Crunch - Salt & Malt Vinegar/Cheese & Spring Onion
£1.59/6 pack - Tesco here or Asda
From indulgent truffles to healthy crisps! Since trying to lose weight normal crisp have been off the menu so I have been opting for my lower fat/carb favourites. Velvet Crunch crisps are the only low fat crisps I've found to not taste low in fat but like a normal tasty snack. My favourites have to be Salt & Malt or Cheese & Onion though there is a Thai Sweet Chilli flavour which are good. At only 83 calories a packet I really don't feel guilty reaching for them with either my lunch or as a snack... in fact I have a bag of these most days.


Woman & Home Magazine 
£3.99 - Any Supermarket/Newsagent
In the last year I have really cut down on the number of magazines I buy mainly because have become more expensive (I'd rather spend £4 on a new book) and they contain more ads than ever! However Red magazine remains my favourite and now I'm also back to loving Woman & Home magazine. W&H is aimed at an older audience but I find the content is a lot more interesting and varied, with more pages on books, travel, food and interiors than other woman's magazines. Worth having a flick through when doing your food shopping if you like magazines with a lot of content to read.

Other random favourites - Spotify, new season of Game of Thrones, Fargo - TV series on Channel 4, Happy by Pharrell and Asos Rewards as I've already earnt £5 off in points! 

Hope you've enjoy my random lifestyle favourites for last month! 

Fee xo.

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