5 Easy Beauty Storage Hacks


As I got such a good response to my 6 Simple Beauty Hacks post I thought I would share my favourite beauty storage hacks today. 

When it comes to storing my makeup I store my favourite products in acrylic drawers (you can see my little setup here) and the rest of it in cheaper plastic storage drawers. But I also like to display products in different ways - especially when it comes to brushes, palettes and products I want at hand. Below are 5 inexpensive ways to store/display your makeup...


1. Re-use Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes for clear makeup storage
This is maybe my most favourite storage hack because it involves eating chocolates and free acrylic looking storage! Take a 16 piece box of Ferrero Rocher's, enjoy all the chocolates mmmmm, then re-use the box to store lipglosses, mascaras, eyeliners.... anything basically long and slimline. Though you could ditch the top and storage lots of lipstick stood up right. Or even, as I've done above, store cotton pads in... especially great for in the bathroom next to the sink. To buy a box of Ferroro Rochers just for storage purposes is a bit steep at they are £5 a box or 2 for £7 in Tesco... however you can be sneaky and give them as a gift to someone close then ask for the empty box back haha, or wait until it's around Christmas time and there will be plenty of empty boxes I'm sure to snap up off friends and family!


2. Use decorative saucers/side plates to keep favourite products at hand or even jewellery
An instant and super cheap storage idea here! On my desk I like to keep a little side plate with products on that I want to keep at hand. I also do the same for my necklaces as this looks really pretty. The above plate is a charity shop find that cost me under £1 and is actually a Blue Willow plate which is a very popular pattern. Interesting plates can be picked up from charity shops and car boot sales or any shops that sells tableware - for something unique try Homesense or Habitat.


3. Store makeup brushes in plant pots 
Another simple idea that is a great storage hack and one that keeps my own makeup desk neat and tidy and free from makeup brushes laying around everywhere. Simple take any plant pot, fill it three quarters of the up with dry rice and place your brushes into the rice. This keeps the brushes from falling over and places them higher up in the pot. I went for the Ikea Skurar plant pots which cost only £2 each and come in white here, light pink and light green here. Or a longer trough to store all your makeup brushes is a bargain at £4.50 here. More pictures of my own makeup brush holders from Ikea here.


4. Upcycle tumbler glasses or Nutella jars by painting them with nail polish to create makeup storage jars
For any kind of makeup holder to hold eyeliners, mascaras, nail art brush and even extra makeup brushes, I like to upcycle old drinking glasses or re-use nutella jars. Above are two glasses (left - drinking glass, right - nutella jar) that I've simply painted the inside of with holographic nail polish. This can be done with any nail polish (preferably something you don't use/is becoming too thick) by pouring a little into the base of the glass and spreading it out evenly. Once dry (you can speed up this process with a hair dryer) you will need to apply another coat until the look from the outside of the jar is even and opaque. Read my detailed DIY post on this here.


5. Store makeup palettes in a toast rack or letter holder
I did mention this is my previous beauty hacks post but I thought I would also share it in this post as it's a great way to store your favourite palettes on your desk. I've found I'm less likely to just keep using one palette over and over again and often pick out a different palette to use as they can all be seen in the rack, especially is you store them in order of size - smallest to largest. You can find toast racks in homeware stores but for more unique/decorative ones charity shops and car boots sales are a good place to look out.

Hope this has given you a few ideas to try out! 

Fee xo.

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