NOTD - Models Own HyperGel White Light


Are white nails on trend this season? I can't say I know or care really! But I do know I looked at my nail polish wall today and felt like white nails should happen. 

White nails aren't often seen but I love the effects all white nails can bring, from giving a healthy look to the hands/warming up your skin tone to looking clean and chic. There really is nothing to dislike about white nails! 

From owning multiple white nail polishes I know how finding an opaque formula can be very hit and miss. So many look perfectly white in the bottle but require 4+ coats on the nails resulting in a gloopy non-drying mess. Which is why I decided to go with Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish in White Light (£5.00 - Models Own here or Boots). This super glossy polish is a trusty 2-coat wonder that is fairly easy to apply as white nail polishes go.


As you can see I did try out a matte top coat but as soon as the matte finish developed I knew glossy white nails won hands down, so reversed the finish with a clear glossy top coat.

Like with all manicures I was tempted to add a glitter top coat or some kind of nail art but for once I resisted the urge as I think the beauty of these nails is that they are strikingly simple and bright. White nail polish also makes a great nail base for neon or bright shades intensifying the colour even more!

What do you think of all white nails? 

Fee xo.
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