6 Simple Beauty Hacks


We all have our beauty shortcuts and ways of doing things but today I thought I'd rack my brains for some unique beauty shortcuts or as I like to call them "Beauty Hacks". 

The beauty hacks below are all super easy and are worth trying out!

1. Store makeup palettes neatly using a letter holder or toast rack
For the past 6 months this is how I've been storing my favourite eyeshadow palettes on my makeup table and it works perfectly! Toast Racks and Letter Holders can be picked up in most homeware stores for under £4 but for something a bit quirky (and cheaper still!) charity shops and car boot sales are a great place to look.

2. Remove stubborn nail polish using a muslin cloth
Yes, this is a slightly odd one but I swear I use a muslin cloth to remover my nail polish quite often. You of course still need to use nail polish remover on the cloth... it isn't magic after all, but unlike using cotton pads you can re-use it so many times and make use of old muslin cloths that were destined for the bin. Also as muslin cloths are slightly abrasive they help to remove textured and glitter nail polishes that bit better than cotton pads.


3.Remove redness from spots with redness-relief eye drops
For the past decade we have been reading about applying toothpaste to spots however toothpaste can move right on over as eye drops for bloodshot eyes is now the thing... well my thing anyway! I know this does seem a bit odd but a cotton bud with a few drops of eye drops that are aim at removing redness from the eye is all you need before applying makeup to take the redness right out of spots. Eye drops have minimal ingredients and are safe in the eyes so there's no worry about applying it directly on the skin. This beauty hack just makes sense at most eye drops contain Distilled Witch Hazel and Naphazoline to relieve redness.

4.Thermal face mask in a flash by simply heating up a face mask in the microwave 
Such a simple one here to give any face mask a heated/thermal feel. I like to place the contents of a sachet face mask on a small dish or bowl and then heat it up in 20-30 second burst so not to over heat the mask and dry it out. I then apply the mask to my face using an old foundation brush for a lovely spa-like feel.

5.Find your perfect skin highlighter with pearl toned eyeshadows.  
 Another simple one that makes use of shimmery champagne and light pearl eyeshadows to give a perfect glow to the face. My personal favourites are a Madina light reflecting eyeshadow and a cute little pot Bourjois eyeshadow in a shimmering pearl shade. Cheaper than large face highlighters and you will be sure to find some perfect pearl shades in your makeup stash!

6.Easily remove split ends by twisting sections of hair and trimming the ends
Last but not least my simple beauty hack for tackling annoying split ends. Simply take the hair in sections and tightly twist it to the tip of the hair making all split ends stick out (you may want to run your index finger and thumb over the twisted section to make more split ends appear). Then taking hairdressing scissors or small nail scissors snip off all the split ends. This is a great way to keep your hair maintained between hair cuts or if you are growing your hair!

Hope you liked a few of my ideas and give them a go! 

Fee xo.

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