Nail Extras: Collection & Storage


After sharing with you my DIY Nail Polish Wall last week here I promised to show the rest of my stash. Still quite vast but sadly I haven't got the storage full worked out just yet... though my upcoming Ikea trip may solve that! 

Currently with the excess nail polishes that don't fit on my nail polish wall/aren't special enough these are placed in brand order in beauty boxes from pass beauty box subscriptions. Then lined up on the floor under the nail polish shelves so I can see exactly what I have. Tools and duo nail polishes are placed in various pots and nail care and nail art again are placed in beauty boxes and larger gift boxes. 


First up is my most used box,this contains everything I need to prep my nails with for nail polish and removing nail polish. It's slightly hard to see but I have a beauty box placed into a larger Ted Baker gift box just to give different sections. At the left side and bottom of the box I have nail polish removers - Ciate Mint Chocolate Remover and Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover pot as well as my trusty Lanolips Rose Balm for Hands & Nails and a small Paul & Joe makeup bag containing cotton wool pads. 

Next is the left side of the smaller box which holds my favourite nail care products. A handy Multi-Way Buffer from Models Own, Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream, Stylfile Nail File, Ted Baker Nail Clippers and a mini L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. I also have some cute mini nail files for my handbags as backups and some travel nail polish remover swabs that are ideal for touch ups. Down the centre I have lots of top coats and a few base coats. Top coats from - Seche, NYC, Essie, Ciate and a matte top coat from Models Own. Favourites have to be Seche Vite and NYC Fast Drying one. As for base coats I have a now gloopy Essie base coat and China Glaze Ridge Filler Base Coat that I absolutely love and use before every manicure.


Ahhh my nail art box! This is one of two boxes but I decided not to show the other one as it's much bigger and one you have to dig about in to find what you want! This box contains newer nail art that I want to try out or have to hand. Nail Polish wheels are essential for me for nail swatches, I get these from eBay super cheap. Next to that I have a stash of new nail art pens- I'm forever trying out new ones.

 At the top of the box you can see lots of interesting bottles of glitter which are again from eBay, must show these VERY soon as they were such a bargain. Under that is a large bag of matte gold hexagon glitter pieces that I still haven't got around to trying out... but I really should as I love the look of matte glitter - so chic! At the bottom right of the box I have a few pots of messy loose glitter from Models Own and Avon... the Avon Holographic glitters are amazing!

A box of minis! I love my mini nail polishes - perfect for travelling with and also ideal for trying out more expensive brands such as OPI, Nails Inc & Essie. 

Favourites here have to be my mini Essie nail polishes (note to self - buy more!) and OPI minis... the 4 in the top corner where from the Designer Series which was an amazing holographic collection. Also have so many Ciate minis from the Advent Calender last year, so many perfect colours for spring and a few fun loose sequin, caviar and glitter minis which are quite special! 


As I create nail looks for the Avon blog I like to keep all my Avon polishes together and in order of collections if I can. Really love the Speed Dry nail polishes as they come in such vivid summer shades but I'm also loving the new Gel Colours which are hidden away in the boxes! Also have all the Color Trend Glitter nail polishes which are really great. 

You can find all my nail posts on the Avonfabulous Blog here.

 Other bits and pieces are placed in various DIY tumblers that I created a DIY post on here. I love how holographic holders look so have 6 of these with various nail polishes and brushes in. In the above pots I have a few duo nail polishes from Model Own, which I love and one from Kiko. In the other pot I have a mixture of nail dotting tools from eBay, Sally Hansen nail art pens plus a few Extra Fine Sharpies, again for nail art. 

For now my nail collection is organised however a larger unit for everything would be ideal. I have my eye on the Ikea Helmer Drawer Unit in white here which is a fairly cheap option.

 I'd love to know how you store the bulk of your nail polishes or makeup for other ideas before my trip to Ikea!

Fee xo.

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