Beauty Confessions


The internet is an easy place to make your life seem perfect. Casually staged cute items on a pristine desk to no makeup, makeup that actually takes more products than normal makeup! 

But we are all human... so here are a few of my own beauty flaws/confessions that I felt I needed to share :)

I often only paint my nails on one hand for blog photos... then go out like that.

I've never tried Bioderma. Can't say I'm that fussed really... it's only makeup remover after all.

  Even more surprisingly I've never purchased a single MAC eyeshadow.

 Toenail polish stays on for as long as it will last.... so around 5 months! eeep. 

I love Muji acrylic storage but makeup fingerprints are a nightmare and I'm too lazy to empty all the drawers to clean them. 

I still dislike going up to makeup counters because I hate being 'sold' makeup. 

On lazy nights I cleanse with an oil cleanser in bed and remove it with a baby wipe! Oh dear. 

I'm surprised the Stylfile by Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau is such a popular product. Yes, it is a good quality nail file but the S shape is pointless! Sorry Tom.

I'm too lazy for fake tan, false eyelashes or artificial nails, however important the occasion.

I've tasted yummy smelling body products on multiple occasions... I wouldn't advise it. 

 I sometimes get obsessed with the blackheads on my nose and squeeze them out! Never a good idea.

I really think high street makeup is getting too expensive! 

Please, please share your own beauty confessions with me in the comments! I'd love to read them. 

Fee xo.

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