NOTD - Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Nail Polish... only £1!


Last week I popped into Poundland to check out their current selection of beauty products and of course left with multiple nail polishes all from Sally Hansen - one of my favourite nail brands. 

Poundland is without a doubt the best place to pick up nail polish bargains with their current selection including Sally Hansen Sugar Coat range, Revlon Chroma Chameleon Nail effects (which I managed to resist), plus normal lines of Revlon, Rimmel, W7 and Sally Hansen nail polishes. 

The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat range has been on my to-buy list for some time now but at £6.99 each in Boots I was hesitating a purchase but loved the look of Sugar Fix - a beautiful sugary textured white nail polish from the range. So I was more than pleased to see it in Poundland for of course only £1! You can also find the range on Fragrance Direct for £1.50 each here


When it comes to textured nail polishes I can't say I'm a fan however the more even looking natural of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat range did appeal to me. Just evenly textured and slightly more grainy than other textured nail polishes I've come across.

As you can see Sugar Fix is a brilliant white shade with only noticeable texture on closer inspection. As for how this covers, application is so flawless and easy to apply - needing only 2 coats for an opaque matte finish. Talking of the finish I was worried about how the texture would feel as I can't stand gritty glitter nail polish that feels scratchy and snags on clothing, however I strangely love the textured feel of these and can thankfully say it doesn't catch on clothing. Sadly the textured finish does have it's downsides with the finish being prone to chipping within 2 days however I do feel these kind of nail polishes are for occasional wear and don't need to last a full week on the nails.

I also managed to pick up Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Cherry Drop which isn't a shade that have been released to the UK. Plus another lovely Sally Hansen nail polish that will be perfect for spring/summer by the name of Kiwi Bikini. 

 Overall I love this nail polish, from how it looks on the nails to how easily it applies. Also such a bargain if you can pick it up from Poundland or Fragrance Direct! 

Fee xo. 

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