No More Dull Days - 4 Products for Lackluster Skin


Even with good skincare, skin can look dull/lackluster in the late winter months due to cold weather and dehydration from central heating. So extra beauty products can be needed to bring a little life back into the face. 

Here are my favourite products that are suitably subtle and work with any skin tone/colour... 

Garnier Anti-Dark Circles 2 in 1 Roll-on in Light/Fair (available in other shades)
£7.99 on sale - Boots here 
This is an under eye miracle especially if you have pale skin and struggle to find something lighter than your skin tone. I personally like to use a more opaque concealer under my eyes and then this roll-on concealer as it's so light and gives such a good brightening effect. I have now got the application of this down to a tee and apply the light concealer in a triangle shape under the eye, covering dark circles/pigmentation and down each side of the nose, then I simply pat the product in lightly with my fingers. This instantly brightens the area making the whole face look fresher and more awake. This does seem a little pricey however it's the best brightening product I have come across.

N Spa Illuminating Beauty Serum 
£7.00/50ml - Asda 
I will admit I didn't have high hopes for this product as N Spa are still fairly new to the facial skincare market. However I was intrigued that is was a brightening serum and not a moisturiser like a lot of other brands, which I have found to be too heavy for my skin type sometimes. But I had no need to be sceptical as this is an amazing product for applying before moisturiser and foundation. As this is a serum it is quite light and easily soaks into the skin. As for how it illuminates, this is due to the pearlescent finish that gives a light reflecting glow that brightens the entire face. If you have a problem with dull looking skin this is a product I would definitely suggest trying out. 


Bourjous Java Rice Powder
£9.99 - Boots here
This feather light loose powder is a gem of a product for setting makeup and reducing shine without dulling down the skin. It does this by having a touch of shimmer to it which may make some step away from the product but as it is transparent and so finely milled it isn't detected on the skin. If you are looking for a subtle illuminated look to the face then this is the powder that will create that.

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Liquid Face Highlighter 
£24.50 - Debenhams here
Girl Meets Pearl is a product I love to use to bring a dewy glow to certain areas of my face especially when I'm keeping everything else matte. This certainly isn't a product to use all over the face just select areas such as the high points of the face and the Cupid's bow. I personally love to dab and blend this over the tops of my cheeks, along the brow bones and a small amount just above the lip to give an all round brightening/glowy look to my face. Also the wonderful pink/golden tone of this works with all skin tones and never looks harsh. 

Of course using all these products at the same time would be too much and you would end up looking like a disco ball! But I personally find using an all over illuminating product (the serum or loose powder) with a targeted brightening product (the concealer or liquid highlighter) gives the best results and doesn't look too much. Though it all depends on how dull your skin is looking. 

Hope this little post helps for those dull skin days! 

Fee xo.

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