Nivea Firming Body Oil Review


A few weeks ago I picked up this oil (as it was on offer in Tesco) and decided to use it exclusively to see how it fared against my other body oils. As I've used over half of the 200ml bottle now I thought it was time for a review. 

When it comes to oils I prefer dry oils over thick greasy ones and I use them over slightly damp skin after a shower. So this fast absorbing dry oil appealed to me straight away. Plus the fact it has an easy pour opening so you can pour out as much or as little as you like with ease... something that is difficult to do with oil sprays and dropper style bottles. Making this a great option for applying all over the body in lightening quick speed.

Nivea Firming Body Oil (£6.96 - 200ml Boots here) much like all body oils state the oil will soften and nourish the skin and is good for use on stretch marks. So nothing new there really. But it also boasts it can firm the skin within two weeks.


So have I noticed any firming from using this? Not really. However I have noticed my skin feeling much softer as it's such a moisturising oil compared to other hight street ones I have tried. This may be down to how much I am able to use in one go, to really massage the skin or the moisturising ingredients. Either way I am loving it as a more winter dry oil (Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil is my summer go-to). 

As for the other aspects of the Firming Body Oil you should expect the typical Nivea scent which is verging on artificial yet pleasant enough and quite subtle. Consistency wise as mentioned this is more of a dry oil so you can apply this liberally and within minutes get dressed or just not feel like a greaseball as you sit around in a towel. 

The main benefits of this for me is the size of the bottle, meaning I can use as much as I like over my entire body and also how nourishing it is on drier winter skin. So this will definitely be my all over oil from now on for when I really want to nourish my skin inbetween using oils from Garnier, Balance Me and Neom that I use a little more sparingly.

If you are looking for a good sized oil at a high street price then I'd definitely recommend this. 

Fee xo.

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